Shark Bar

Earlier this summer, I heard about a new bar/club called the Shark Bar that was going to open at the Kansas City Power & Light District. Naturally, any place with "shark" in the name piques our interest here at The Sandbar.

One night in July, the manager (I think) of the soon-to-be opening Shark Bar visited The Sandbar. He left plastic cups with the bar's logo along with some of his business cards, and on the back of the cards he graciously gifted us with no waiting in line/no cover. Dave said this guy had started coming to The Sandbar quite a bit, which only added to our curiosity about the Shark Bar.

Well, the place opened on 8/8/08. We haven't been there yet, but the Kansas City Star's publication, Ink, provided a peek inside.  

A few things seem to be Sandbar-ish, like the bikini-top-clad servers (apparently, a long time ago, the female bartenders at The Sandbar used to wear bikinis and dance on the bar) and the drinks. Other than that, though, it's definitely a lot more "club" than "dive." 

We're anxious to check it out, though, to see how palm trees and beach themed decor mix with black lights and dance floors.

Sandbar Shirts at Buckingham Palace

Our good friends Rheva and Dave recently spent 19 days on a bus in Europe. Okay, maybe they weren't on a bus the entire time, but according to them it sure seemed like it.

Like good Sandbar patrons, they packed Sandbar shirts to wear on the trip. A funny anecdote about this- one of the other bus-trippers tried really hard to remember everyone's name, and as she wrote names of her fellow travelers in a notebook, she also wrote down something memorable about each person. Beside Rheva and Dave's names she wrote "Sandbar." I'm guessing they were the only folks on this particular tour sporting shirts from a local bar.

Anyway, once they arrived back to the much less expensive United States, Rheva and Dave sent us these photos of them at Kensington Palace and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

BuckinghamPalace1 BuckinghamPalace2

Not even Rheva could get that guard to crack a smile.  If you're planning to travel to Europe anytime soon, Dave and Rheva recommend that you take lots of money. You'll need it.

A Page from Our Book

Phil sent us a link to a new bar that opened last weekend in Chicago, which sounds suspiciously like a bar we would all love.

Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort (don’t you just love the name?) is a tiki-themed paradise that is equipped with a sandbox, surfboards, bamboo, and palm trees. They don’t serve food, but they have beer and specialty drinks, some of which are garnished with toys.

Their opening "Tres de Mayo" party last weekend had drink specials and a flip cup tournament- two things near and dear to our hearts.

Oddly, Fatty’s seems to be only a temporary venture open through the summer.

Perhaps we need to plan a research trip to Chicago…

Sandbar in Hawaii

This isn’t an actual Sandbar in Hawaii, although I’m sure one (or twelve) exists there…but our friend Cole sent this picture to us.

He took his Sandbar shirt with him on vacation like everyone is supposed to do, and got this fun picture outside the Honolulu police department at Waikiki Beach.


Sandbar Sighting 6: San Antonio

I mentioned before our recent trip to San Antonio that we had searched the internet to see if there were any Sandbars located there, and as it turned out, there was one.

On Monday, armed with a map of the area, we set off on the miles-long walk from our Motel 6 towards the RiverWalk. As we approached Pecan Street, where the Sandbar Fish House and Market was supposedly located, we saw a lot of blue shirts and heard music and cheers.

We got closer and realized that we were headed straight towards a Memphis Tigers pep rally in the middle of the block where we thought the Sandbar was located. Dave wanted to walk right through the rally; I was not so brave and refused. We ended up walking around the block to avoid the Tiger fans, and found the Sandbar on the opposite corner away from the pep rally.


The restaurant wasn’t open so we couldn’t check out the inside, but they have a cool logo.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Or so they say.
We are conducting very important research today in San Antonio while
we recover from last night’s exciting game and anxiously await
tomorrow’s National Championship game.

Right now we are sitting in Joe’s Crab Shack waiting on our food. We
chose this place because we recently heard a rumor that the one in
Kansas City had started serving a shark attack drink just like ours.
Sure enough- it’s not on the menu, but Dave asked about it and our
server said they just started doing it a few weeks ago.

It arrived in a schooner glass complete with the same shark we use,
with grenadine in a little plastic tube in the sharks mouth.
See for yourself.