New Year’s Eve photo props

Well, we've got another successful New Year's Eve in the books. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us on Monday night, it was a good time!

This year, we added a fun photo prop to the party, borrowing an idea from our friend Sara.

Dave bought a giant whiteboard and meticulously cut it down to resemble a polaroid photo. Remember those? We love 'em.

It seems to be a big trend in photography right now for people to pose with ornate, vintage frames, a'la the opening credits of Modern Family, and we thought the polaroid frame was a fresh twist on the trend.

Partiers could write their own message on the whiteboard if they wanted and pose for a fun picture. Here's a couple of our favorites:



Thanks to Michelle for the pictures! Visit our Facebook page to see a few more.

Ring in the new year at the Sandbar

The Mayans were wrong, we're all still here and looking forward to 2013! Join the Sandbar on Monday night to ring in the new year, luau-style.

That's right, we're getting back to our tropical roots and throwing a beach-themed bash. One of my favorite new year's eve parties at the Sandbar was the luau of 1996 (was it really that long ago?!):


That's Dave sitting on the bar. And if you're wondering what everyone's holding in this picture, well, they're bananas. One of the bright ideas Dave had that year was to have a banana bite-off contest. The contestants lined up on the bar, and each person bit off as much of their banana as they could. The person who bit off the most won a T-shirt.

Congratulations again to Gina, in the maroon sweater, for her accomplishment.

Anyway. We'll have snacks and tropical decorations, along with our wide array of tropical drinks. Back in 1997, we pretty much only had Bahama Mamas. Our selection has expanded a lot since those days.

The cover charge is just $5. And of course, we'll have a champagne toast at midnight.

So for those of you who want to kick back and relax on New Year's Eve and avoid fancy attire, we're your place. Or dress up if you want to.

Maybe Dave will bring back the banana contest or the limbo, you never know.

Meet Jesse, New Year’s Pint Glass Designer

Have you picked up your 2012 commemorative new year's pint glass yet? They're only $3, and they're super cute!

This pint glass was designed by Sandbar friend Jesse. Here are some of the things Jesse had to say about the Sandbar:

What's your favorite tropical drink? Shark Attack

What's your favorite jukebox song? Jessie's Girl (of course!)

Longest you've waited in line at the bar? Never

Funniest or favorite memory at the bar? On my 21st birthday, an old man licked the long blue plastic nose that came with my friend Deede's drink. Things got really awkward really fast.

Here's a few pictures Jesse sent us:


Thanks for the great pint glass design, Jesse! If you're interested in designing a pint glass for us, pay attention to our blog. We'll announce the next design we're looking for soon.

Happy New Year Pint Glasses

We've got new pint glasses!

Our latest addition to the pint glass collection commemorates the arrival of 2012:

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 7.51.24 PM
Sandbar fan Jesse submitted this design a few months ago, and while we wanted to have it available before 2012 actually began, our Christmas glasses were still going strong and well, we were a little busy.

The other thing we love about this design? The stork delivering a baby tiki makes a reference to the arrival of Dave's baby! Whether Jesse knew Dave was about to be a dad or not, we don't know, but we love this design.

Check back later this week to learn more about the designer, Jesse.

The pint glasses are available now for $3 each. Stop by to get yours today, and don't forget to bring it back every Thursday for $2.50 tropical drinks!

New Year’s Eve Pint Glass

Yes, New Year's Eve is a loooong way away. But it'll be here before we know it, and we want to be prepared!

We've got a lot of Halloween pint glasses in stock right now (why aren't you buying them, people?!) and Thanksgiving isn't too far away, so we're not going to do a special Thanksgiving glass this year. And we've already got a submission for a Christmas glass that we really love, so the next holiday is New Year's Eve. We haven't done a special glass for that holiday yet.

Got an idea? We'd love to see it! Check out last year's Thanksgiving, winter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and graduation pint glasses for examples.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • The design has to be a black and white line art drawing. We only print single-color designs, so a design with multiple colors won't work. Shadows and other shading won't work either.
  • Keep it simple. Remember, pint glasses aren't huge and the design will only be a few inches in size. The design should be fairly basic and not have a lot of tiny detail, and it should also translate well to a small size.
  • You don't need to include the Sandbar name or logo. Our logo will be on the other side of the glass.

Our panel of judges will choose their favorite design that also meets the above requirements. It's also possible that we'll choose more than one. And it's also possible that we might combine elements from more than one design into a new design.

What do you get if your design is chosen? Well, our undying gratitude and fifteen minutes of fame on our blog, for one. We'll also give you a pack of pint glasses and a T-shirt of your choice.

Submissions can be emailed to We're also looking for a custom design for our first tropical drink, the Bahama Mama, so if you've got an idea for that one instead, send it to us.

Disclaimer stuff: submitting your design to us gives us full rights to use it on our websites, social networking sites and merchandise. We'll give you credit everywhere we can, of course.

More Fun With Wigs

Our New Year's Eve wig party was a big hit, and now our staff (ahem, Dave) can't get enough of the wigs.

The rainbow-colored clown wig has made an appearance on more than one occasion and more than one head since New Year's Eve.

20110108_0003 20110108_0013

20110108_0014 20110122_0016

It's too bad we can't find a super cheap supply of wigs somewhere. Everyone seems to love the drink toys they can wear, like the glasses and the moustaches. How awesome would it be to get a wig with your Bahama Mama?!