Thanks for twenty-five great years, Lawrence


Well, friends, it’s been almost a month since our last big shindig. Can we just say, we’re STILL tired? You all know how to party!

We expanded our annual birthday bash to two nights this year, to celebrate the first anniversary of our neighbors across the street at Sandbar Subs and also to celebrate our 25th year in downtown Lawrence.

Twenty-five years. Crazy, huh?!

And you all didn’t disappoint—both nights, our little block was jam-packed with friends and family who traveled from near and far to party with us, listen to the music, drink some beer and have a good time.

We didn’t take as many pictures as we usually do, but we have a few good ones in the slideshow up above to share. We’d love to see your pictures, too. If you have some, email them to us at; if you have a lot of photos, we can hook you up with a Dropbox or another method of transferring mass quantities of files. Just email us and let us know.

If you didn’t get a 2014 block party shirt, we have a few left in stock.

So, cheers! And while we can’t wait until next year’s party, don’t be a stranger. Stop by and see us!

P.S. More big party news coming up soon, stay tuned…

Flashback: Videos from the Sandbar Block Party

Patrick, Peach's brother and video camera operator extraordinaire, filmed loads of video at our 21st birthday block party last August. He recently edited and uploaded some of the video to YouTube, and we were excited to see it for the first time!

You can see some of Stomper's set here, and Katlyn Conroy and the Wild and Woolly are captured on video here. Katlyn is Patrick's daughter.

Everyone loves Captain Jack Sparrow, and we love bringing him back every year. He helped us welcome the huge crowd. The last half of the video below are random shots Patrick filmed, some from the roof of the bar.

Peach, Dave and the Sandbar dancing girls took the stage to perform the perennial Sandbar favorite, "Car Wash," and the Sandbar song. I'm sure we all have funny looks on our faces- the stage lights were blinding us, so we couldn't see anything in front of the stage. Last year, we could actually see the crowd and people's faces; this year was a little more awkward.

The fifth video Patrick uploaded is a three minute film of the headlining band, Mark Valentine and the Ones. you can check it out here.

Can't wait 'til we turn 22!

Announcing our Prize Winners

Before our block party last weekend, we said there would be prizes. You could win a prize by tweeting about the party, or by uploading a party picture or video online and sharing it with us. It's taken us a little longer than we thought to recover from the party and wrap things up, but we finally have some winners!

Not very many people shared pictures or videos, but the ones we got were great and we appreciate every single one of them. Here's a couple of our favorites:

  • Alison tweeted a picture of her and some friends with a certain famous basketball coach who made an appearance at the party. You can see the picture here
  • Rachel tweeted a short video she took of the Sandbar dancers. Watch it here. On that note, we can't believe no one else shot video. It's so easy now! 
  • Raymond uploaded this cool "Hipstamatic" photo to our Facebook page. 

And of course we picked a couple of random tweets about the party. How did we do this? We saved an RSS feed of all the tweets with the hashtag #sb21. Then we counted them up and used's random number generator. And presto, we had a couple winners.

Congrats to the five winners! You win your choice of a Sandbar t-shirt or a six-pack of pint glasses. We'll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, posted, took pictures, shot video, and generally just had a good time at our party. We'll be back next year!

Shot Book

One of our loyal Twitter followers, Katie, asked last week if she could make us a shot book for our 21st birthday.

For those of you who are older (like some of us) and don't work in a bar where you regularly see shot books, it's basically a book of 21 shots. According to Urban Dictionary, the book can include details like who bought it, where and when. And of course, the girls often decorate their pages with stickers and doodles to make them cute.

We asked Katie to make a list of 21 fun shots in honor of our 21st birthday.

As Dave said, "The Sandbar doesn't want to puke all over everybody. The Sandbar drinks responsibly." We never encourage people to drink 21 shots or drinks; in fact, we actively discourage this behavior. But if you're looking for some new shots to try, here's a great list. Thanks Katie!

Shot book 2

Social Media and the Sandbar Block Party

It's no secret that we love social media at the Sandbar. We Facebook, tweet and upload pictures and videos. And of course we blog.

We'd love for you to party with us not only AT our block party on Saturday, but also online. Here's how.


  • Follow us on Twitter @thesandbar. You don't have to have an account to see our tweets, but if you want to interact with us you'll need an account.
  • If you tweet about our party, be sure to use the hashtag #sb21. There might be prizes!
  • We'll also set up a TweetGrid soon so you can follow the conversation about the party in one place.
  • Tweet your party pictures to us!


  • "Like" our page on Facebook (our page settings require that Facebook can confirm you are at least 21 in order to become a fan).
  • Upload your party pics to our Facebook page and tag your friends!


  • Join our Flickr group to add your own party pictures. Be sure to tag them with #sb21
  • Even if you don't have a Flickr account, you can still upload your party pics and tag them, and we'll be able to find them.
  • You can also check out our Flickr photostream, no account required.


  • We love videos! Check out our video channel to see past videos. 
  • Upload your own party videos to YouTube. Tag them with #sb21 and let us know about it!
  • No account is required to view videos. We'll upload party videos sometime next week. (Maybe. We still haven't uploaded last year's video!)


  • Check in on your preferred location-based social networking site!
  • Look for the event "Sandbar 21st Birthday Bash and check in.
  • Maybe we'll get another swarm badge!

Those are just a few of the ways you can participate online for our 21st birthday, whether you're at the party or halfway across the world.

We definitely want to see your pictures and videos, so be sure to tweet, Facebook, upload, or email them to us! And, we'll also be looking for a few good bloggers to write a recap of their party experience for us. So keep track of any funny stories from the party, because we'll be asking for them!

Check back for ways you can win PRIZES for social-medializing with us!