Low-cal tropical drink, coming right up

It’s finally here: the tropical drink that doesn’t cost an entire days’ worth of calories in one drink.

Dave has experimented for a long time with diet versions of our tropical drinks, after listening to one too many of you order vodka sodas. Seriously, how can you drink those things?

He unveiled his concoction last week: Little Mermaid low-calorie tropical drink at the Sandbar in Lawrence, Kansas | www.thesandbar.comWe tried to think of a “skinny” name for it that wouldn’t get us sued, but bartender Alex quickly christened it the Little Mermaid. Perfect! Just don’t tell Disney.

The new drink certainly tastes good—but perhaps the best part? It’s only 103 calories. You’re welcome.

Back in time with Planter’s Punch

New tropical drink on tap!

First, though, a little bit of history behind this one.

Our wonderful Lawrence Public Library is gearing up for this year’s Read Across Lawrence, the eleventh edition of the community reading event sponsored by the library, KU Libraries and Friends of the Library. This year’s book is “The Worst Hard Time,” by Timothy Egan.

The book chronicles the stories of a half dozen families during the Dust Bowl and how they survived. Lots of community events are planned for Read Across Lawrence, including book discussions, exhibits and Film Church at Liberty Hall.

Read Across Lawrence Book Night kicks off the month-long event, and this is where the new tropical drink comes in.

Our library does a great job planning events that appeal to a wide variety of people, and they’ve certainly tapped into the bar scene. On Friday, Aug. 30, during Final Fridays in downtown Lawrence, library staff will be wandering around Mass St. handing out copies of “The Worst Hard Time” and library tattoos (of the temporary kind).

What’s in it for you? Well, showing your library tattoo or a copy of the book will unlock secret drink specials at several Lawrence establishments, including ours!

We did some quick research to find out what types of drinks were popular in the Dust Bowl era, and we found that the list included punches. So, we found a great recipe for Planter’s Punch, a rum-based drink that we like to think of as a vintage version of our tropical drinks.

Stop by Friday night to try our Planter’s Punch, and if you show a copy of the RAL book or your library tattoo, it’s only $2.50!

Our new neighbor, Sandbar Sub Shop, is also participating in the book night and offering $1 fountain drinks. See the full list of drink specials here. And, stay tuned for news about the kids’ version of Read Across Lawrence- we’re involved in that, too!

New Surfboard Drink Sign

Next time you're in the bar, you might notice yet another new addition:


A new surfboard menu hangs behind the bar above the pint glasses.

Dave bought some plexiglass and created a cool new sign that lights up with a blacklight. It features a list of our tropical drinks along with the shots available on the shot wheel.

Be sure to let Dave know what you think of his handiwork!


National Rubber Duck Day

Apparently there's a holiday for everything.

I discovered today through the magic of Twitter that today is National Rubber Duck Day. You know what  this means- you all need to come to the Sandbar tonight for Tropical Drink Night and 6a00d8341c17af53ef011570b460e7970benjoy some rubber ducks with your drinks. I'm pretty sure we still have rubber duck keychains available.

Bring your favorite rubber duck toys from the past and show them off! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite rubber duck toy is- we've offered all kinds, from cowboy ducks to cheerleader ducks to nurse ducks.

This Wikipedia entry about rubber ducks contains everything you ever wanted to know about the little yellow toys. The Guinness World Record for largest rubber duck collection stood at 2,583 rubber ducks in 2007. We're not going to try to beat that one.

I couldn't find any information quickly about how or why National Rubber Duck Day began, but here's another fun little tidbit about rubber ducks making their way around the ocean.

Teeny Bikini: A Diet Tropical Drink

We're proud to announce our first diet tropical drink, the Teeny Bikini!

This drink is a mixture of fruit punch Crystal Light, Fresca and vodka. That's right girls, the only calories in this drink come from the vodka. Now you can order something besides a vodka soda and actually enjoy the flavor.

Of course, it still comes with beads and toys, and it's part of our Tropical Thursday lineup where you can get it for $2.50.

Stop by and try a Teeny Bikini!