Apparently there's a holiday for everything.

I discovered today through the magic of Twitter that today is National Rubber Duck Day. You know what  this means- you all need to come to the Sandbar tonight for Tropical Drink Night and 6a00d8341c17af53ef011570b460e7970benjoy some rubber ducks with your drinks. I'm pretty sure we still have rubber duck keychains available.

Bring your favorite rubber duck toys from the past and show them off! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite rubber duck toy is- we've offered all kinds, from cowboy ducks to cheerleader ducks to nurse ducks.

This Wikipedia entry about rubber ducks contains everything you ever wanted to know about the little yellow toys. The Guinness World Record for largest rubber duck collection stood at 2,583 rubber ducks in 2007. We're not going to try to beat that one.

I couldn't find any information quickly about how or why National Rubber Duck Day began, but here's another fun little tidbit about rubber ducks making their way around the ocean.