Sandbar Tiki Transformer

It's always fun to see what people do with our toys.

Sometimes they become desktop decor, other times they decorate a bathroom. Toys have been spotted hanging from rearview mirrors in cars, and often they end up in the bottom of a purse, only to be discovered much later.

Many people give them to their kids. Maybe it's their way of feeling better about leaving junior with a babysitter while they go out on the town and have a few drinks.

Here's one use of a drink toy we haven't seen before: a Sandbar tiki transformer, submitted by our friend Curtis:


Mustaches for Babies

We've been having a lot of fun with Sandbar drink toys lately, if you haven't noticed.

The latest? Mustaches for babies.


Bartender Hayley made some mustache pacifiers for Dave's new baby. Aren't they cute? Because every baby needs a mustache.

Alphabet Duckies

Rubber duckies are one of the most popular drink toys at the Sandbar, and these days, there's a rubber duckie in almost every theme imaginable. We haven't ordered plain yellow ducks in years, because we can order pirates, cowboys, policemen, princesses, nurses, mermaids and all kinds of other ducks.

Lately, the alphabet duckies have been a big hit. Customers love spelling out their names and other words, and it's become somewhat of a game to try to get the duckie letter they want.

Here's what Dave did with his alphabet ducks:


It's kind of hard to see them, but he spelled out his new baby's name with the ducks.

Right now, we have police officer and firefighter ducks. What kind of ducks should we get next?

Sandbar Sharks Downtown

Every once in awhile, we find Sandbar shark toys in other places. Sometimes they're in peoples' bathrooms, or on their desk at work, or in this case, at other bars in downtown Lawrence.


This shark was spotted at the Jazzhaus.


And this one, at Yokohama. Both sharks were found and photographed by our eagle-eyed man on the street, Pat. If you see a shark toy somewhere, snap a photo and send it to us!

Where’s Your Mustache?

Sandbar drink toys sometimes show up in unexpected places. While we don't advocate vandalism or littering, we're always amused to see where our trinkets appear.

Former bartender and man on the street Pat sent us this picture:

Yes, that's a mustache on a tree near 8th and Mass in downtown Lawrence.

In other mustache-related news, we discovered via Facebook that the Toy Store in downtown Lawrence is featuring Mustache Mondays. Wear your mustache (real or fake!) into the store on Mondays and compare yours to the ones worn by their toyologists!


Fun with Drink Toys at Weddings

Sandbar fan Emily shared this picture on our Facebook page last month:


Here's what she had to say:

"Reppin' The Sandbar in a wedding in Kirksville, MO! The glasses actually made it into OFFICIAL wedding pictures!"

Weddings are a great use of tropical drink toys. Kids (and adults) love them, and they're a great way to break the ice, especially if no one's dancing. So, round up all your drink toys and throw them in a bag; next time you have a wedding to attend, take them along!