Sandbar Shades on Channel 6

Our friend and customer Andrew is a sports reporter for local Channel 6, and he likes to use his Sandbar toys as props for entertainment on the air.

This time, we got a heads up via Twitter, so we were able to grab our camera in time and snap a picture of the TV screen:


Our fun rainbow shades made their appearance on Useless Fieldhouse Trivia.

According to Andrew, he also rocked a mustache on a later broadcast. We haven't had a chance to watch that episode yet, but if it's on our DVR we'll take a picture.

We love that Lawrence and Channel 6 are fun enough to do things like this!

Sandbar Toys in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Not sure what to do with your Sandbar drink toys?

Sandbar friend David sent us a picture of his tropical-themed kitchen full of sharks and the tub where his rubber duckies reside.

20110828_davidzimmerman_0001 20110828_davidzimmerman_0002

David says "Our kitchen was already tropical-inspired to begin with, so adding Sandbar toys just seemed perfect! The wife's parents' house has always had a rubber ducky-themed bathroom so we tried to continue to have them in our bathroom at our house….so the ducks we get from the Sandbar end up there and the rest of the toys are in the kitchen on display!"


Where do you keep your Sandbar toys? Send us a picture, we'd love to see your collection!

Where does your Sandbar shark live?

More Shark Week fun!

We asked our most dedicated fans (that means those of you who signed up for our email list) to send us pictures of their Sandbar sharks. We love seeing all the creative places our friends keep their toys!

Here's a couple of the pictures we've received:

Sharktoilet Sharkclips

Former bartender John is now married and living in Houston, and he also happens to still have a Sandbar shark in his possession. He snapped a picture of his shark perched on the edge of their guest bathroom toilet. What a surprise for their overnight guests!

Sandbar fan and 2011 KU graduate Kristina found a unique and practical use for her Sandbar shark: keeper of the paper clips on the desk at her office.

You can send us your pictures- email them to us (, tweet them to us (@thesandbar) or upload them to our Facebook page.

Sandbar Drink Trinkets Make Great Wedding Party Favors

Last month, my brother got married. He has two kids and his new wife has two kids, and we knew there would be lots of kids at the wedding.

Dave, even though he doesn't have kids of his own (yet!), is always thinking of ways to entertain the little people at events like this, so he packed up a bag full of every tropical drink trinket we had in stock.

He had shutter shades, goofy glasses, mustaches, finger lights, sharks and beads. After the reception really started rocking and the kids were getting restless, he brought out the goody bag.

Instantly the kids swarmed. They wanted ten of everything, of course, but Dave set limits and made sure everybody got something.

Here's a few pictures of a sight you might not see often: little kids with Sandbar toys.

IMG_3239_0029 IMG_3231_0021

IMG_3247_0037 IMG_3249_0039

So, next time you have a pile of Sandbar toys after a night on the town (or a purse full of sharks), don't throw them away. Throw them in a closet, and next time you have to go to a wedding, family reunion or other kid-friendly event, take the toys. Just picture a bunch of seven year olds running around with mustaches.

You'll be the hit of the party, guaranteed.

New Tropical Drink Trinkets

Dave ordered some new tropical drink trinkets, and some of them are brand new to us- meaning you don't have these in your collection yet!

Photo(5) Here's a picture. We've got balloon racers, little cars with balloons attached to them. You can blow up the balloon and then race the car on the tables or the bar.

There's a couple new keychains: a smiley-face heart and a light-up goldfish. We've also got plastic rings with dinosaurs on them.

And the weird-looking things in the picture are finger lights. You may have seen the bartenders wearing these behind the bar, acting like they're at a rave or something.

The finger lights have an elastic band to wrap around the finger, and a switch to turn on the light. Now, since these are a little more expensive than our usual toys, the finger lights are only available as a free drink toy on nights that tropical drinks aren't on special (meaning you won't get them on Tuesdays or Thursdays).

Stop by and get your new trinkets!

Purses Full of Sharks

Dave had an interesting story when he came home from his late-night shift on Friday night.

A group of girls came up to the bar and informed him that between them, they had so many sharks from the Shark Attack drink that they felt bad. They thought they needed to return the sharks to us.

Next thing he knew, all four girls started pulling sharks out of their purses and piling them on the bar. He said the sharks just kept coming and coming out of their purses. There were a few ducks mixed in the pile, too.


He took a picture of the girls with their sharks, and we'll print it out and hang it somewhere on the wall.

Thanks Alicia, Shannon, Liz and Lindsay. We'll find a good home for your recycled sharks!

How many drink toys do you have, and where do they live? We'd love to see your pictures! Submit them to