Dave had an interesting story when he came home from his late-night shift on Friday night.

A group of girls came up to the bar and informed him that between them, they had so many sharks from the Shark Attack drink that they felt bad. They thought they needed to return the sharks to us.

Next thing he knew, all four girls started pulling sharks out of their purses and piling them on the bar. He said the sharks just kept coming and coming out of their purses. There were a few ducks mixed in the pile, too.


He took a picture of the girls with their sharks, and we'll print it out and hang it somewhere on the wall.

Thanks Alicia, Shannon, Liz and Lindsay. We'll find a good home for your recycled sharks!

How many drink toys do you have, and where do they live? We'd love to see your pictures! Submit them to sandbar@thesandbar.com.