It’s back! Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus returns

Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus group in 2009
One of our favorite events is back this year—the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus!

We started this tradition in 2009, after Peach renovated the movie theater in Ottawa and we had a place to watch the show, yell as much as we wanted and throw things. And get up and dance in the middle of the movie. (We won’t talk about the time that couple tried to ‘shush’ us during the movie.)

The party bus went on hiatus the past couple of years, but this year we’re excited to bring it back.

Here’s the drill: you MUST dress in costume. That’s rule #1, and the most important rule.

Everyone meets at the Sandbar around 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30. FYI, that’s also Homecoming weekend for KU, and a pep rally will be happening on our block that night. It’s also Final Fridays, so downtown Lawrence will be BUSY. Plan accordingly and carpool if possible.

The bus leaves the Sandbar promptly at 9 p.m. and heads south to Ottawa. The bus ride is FUN. Some refreshments will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own for the bus.

Once we get to the Plaza Cinema in Ottawa—the oldest operating cinema in the world, in case you didn’t know—you’ll enjoy a tour of the Movie Memorabilia Museum, followed by the main event—the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

After the movie is over, we’ll load the bus back up and head back to Lawrence.

All this for just $36! Sign up in advance at the Sandbar to save your spot.

And in case you need ideas for costumes, check out some of the stories and pictures from past years’ trips, or use our good friend Google to find something. But remember: costumes are required!

ICYMI, this year is the 40th anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cast recently reunited on The Today Show. Check out the video here.

Rocky Horror Picture Show 2015 flier

Sandbar scarecrows

Ever seen a hula girl scarecrow? How about a pirate scarecrow? Well, we made some scarecrows, and we couldn’t just make any old traditional kind of scarecrow—of course they had to have some kind of Sandbar flair to them.

Cottin’s Hardware has sponsored a scarecrow contest and auction for the past several years to raise funds for various community garden projects. Every year, we say “We’re going to make a scarecrow this year!” and every year….we don’t.

Until this year!

Using leftover costume remnants and tropical “stuff,” we managed to make not one, but TWO scarecrows this year: a hula dancer and a pirate. You can imagine how much tropical “stuff” we have on hand: coconut bras, leis, grass skirts, all kinds of stuff.

This beauty could be yours tomorrow night:

Tropical scarecrow |

The base of this one is even made from the base of one of our old tables, so you’ll legitimately have a piece of the Sandbar.

The scarecrow contest and auction takes place Friday, Oct. 24, from 5-9 p.m. at the George Paley Building, located at 721 East 9th. This year’s beneficiaries are the Central Garden at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School; the New York Elementary School garden; the Boys & Girls Club Teen Center garden; and the Lawrence Community Shelter garden.

But this isn’t just a contest and auction—it’s a party! Free State will be there with beer and wine, and the Purple Carrot and Torched Goodness food trucks will be selling food. And we all know Lawrence loves beer and food trucks…

After the scarecrow prizes are awarded at 5:45 p.m., the live music begins. Listen to Hyde & Seek, Ellie Williams & Michael Paull, Chris & Dan Tomkins and Truckstop Kids

This is a great family-friendly event, so whether you’ve got kids or not, come on out to see some of Lawrence’s unique creativity!

And buy our scarecrows, please. Otherwise we’ll have to put them at the bar…and you certainly don’t want them taking your seat, do you?

Dracula Unveiling

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year—we love any excuse to wear costumes!

This year, Peach has put together a fun event at the Plaza Cinema in Ottawa, the oldest operating movie theater in the world and one of her many business adventures.

Get out your best Halloween costume and head south for a costume contest: the best vamp and vampire costumes will win free year-long movie passes!

The fun starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 18, with spirits and bites, along with the unveiling of the Dracula Museum. There will also be a special movie screening of 1931’s “Dracula” starring Bela Lugosi and Young Frankenstein.

The cover charge is $15, and you can buy tickets in advance by calling the Plaza at 785.242.5555. The costume awards and party will resume at the stroke of midnight at the South Beach Cove in Ottawa (formerly our Sandbar South location!).

Dracula Unveiling at the Plaza Cinema |


A Very Sandbar Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, because we love to dress up in costumes.

Friday night was our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus extravaganza, and there were plenty of costumes that night. Saturday night was the big Halloween party, even though the actual holiday was still two days away. We saw lots of great costumes again on Saturday!


Dave takes his costumes very seriously and loves to come up with new and creative ideas. He's definitely not one to buy a pre-packaged costume off the shelf- he'd rather put his own costume together with finds from places like the Antique Mall, Fun & Games and the costume closet in his basement. (Yes, there is a costume closet in his basement.)

20111029_halloween_0009This year, he was Scot Pollard, former KU and NBA basketball player. He grew out his facial hair, attached
a ponytail and painted his fingernails black. The only flaw in his costume was the number on his jersey, but otherwise he made a pretty good Pollard. And that's the real Scot in the photo above with Dave- another awesome costume.

Bartender Blair also decided to dress up as a real person- Friday bartender Phil. He might look like Santa on a tropical vacation, or even White Owl, but he's supposed to be Phil, albeit more of a hippy Phil than real Phil. Blair opted not to trim the wig and beard.

Some of the other costumes we saw on Saturday: bartender Heather as Elvira (and doorguy Nathan is such a youngster he didn't even know who Elvira was); Pocahontas; Mario & Luigi; various superheroes; Ace Ventura; a mermaid; and a cupcake.

Monday night rolled around and gave us a third night of Halloween costumes, and it was a busy night. Thanks to everyone who still felt like partying after a busy holiday weekend!


Halloween Pint Glass Designer: Chelsea

Our second Halloween 2011 pint glass was designed by Chelsea, a KU student.

Here's her design:

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 6.06.10 PM

20111006_chelseatheno_pintglassHere are some fun facts about Chelsea:

Favorite Sandbar drink. Shark Attack, for sure. Delicious and the shark toy gets me in touch with my inner child.

Favorite Sandbar memory. This is hard to narrow down. Probably the pub crawl I went on this past spring where I alternated between dancing my heart out, eating popcorn and drinking shark attacks.

Funniest moment at Sandbar. Any time fake mustaches are involved because people do some weird stuff  under the disguise of fake facial hair.

How long have you waited in line. It's never been a long time but probably 15 minutes when the Lawrence Bar Band was playing.

Favorite jukebox song. I can't narrow this down. Every song that comes on makes me sing or dance. Or both.

Thanks for the great design and for being a good customer, Chelsea!