New this year: Chiefs watch parties

Have you met our new bartender Britt? He’s a great guy, and a football fan, and he’s hosting Chiefs watch parties at the Sandbar this season. The first one last week was a big success!

Normally we don’t open until 5 on Sundays, but on Chiefs game days the doors will open 30 minutes before kickoff.

Drink specials include:

$3 Kansas City Ice Waters
$2 Cans of beer (12oz)
Plus $1 Shots of Fireball every time the Chiefs score!

The watch party Sept. 25 will also feature a taco and nacho bar, so come down early for some food. Plus, games and prizes!

Island Retreat

Sandbar tropical drinks |

Do you need an escape from the daily grind? Longing for a relaxing getaway to an island oasis, with your toes in the sand and a tropical drink in your hand?

Well, we can’t change your latitude, but we can sure change your attitude!

Sign up your office, business or organization for our new Island Retreat tropical happy hour, available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Gather at least five (or more!) employees, business partners or clients and treat them to a fun-filled two hours at the Sandbar. Your group will receive:

  • Exclusive drink specials for two hours
  • Free appetizers from Sandbar Subs
  • Free T-shirt giveaway
  • Free hurricane show with a mermaid of your choice
  • Fun toys, great music and more!

Email Andrew at today to schedule your Island Retreat, and #LetsGetTropical!

Please share this information with any businesses or organizations that you think need a fun and refreshing happy hour!

Mustache Pint Glasses

Our custom-designed pint glasses have been a huge hit since we started offering them several years ago. You can buy a pint glass anytime for $3, but they're especially popular on Tropical Thursdays, when we offer up tropical drinks for just $2.50 when they're in a pint glass.

It works like this: you pay $5 for the first drink, and that gets you the tropical drink of your choice plus a glass that's yours to keep. Then, you can refill the glass anytime on Thursday with the same or a different tropical drink for $2.50. So, you're getting a small discount on the price of the glass, plus the option for discounted drinks.

And, you can bring your pint glass back every Thursday if you don't want to buy a new one!

Except…why wouldn't you want a new one?

Our latest pint glass brainstorm is mustaches. Everyone loves the mustache drink toys, more than we could have ever imagined, and we saw cool mustache glasses on Pinterest (where else), so we decided to make our own.

The first one we offered was the Handlebar, and the latest one debuts today: the Horseshoe.


Better get yours while you can! Once this batch of pints sells out, we'll move on to the next mustache.

Welcome to happy hour and the Wheel of Happyness!

Happy hour is legal again in Kansas as of July 1. Hooray!

A long time ago on a trip to Vegas, Dave discovered a wheel of fun in a bar. They spun the wheel, sort of like Wheel of Fortune, and whatever it landed on dictated the special for the next hour, two hours, whatever period of time they wanted.

Obviously, since happy hour wasn't legal, we couldn't do the same thing here, but Dave modified their idea into what you might know as our shot wheel. Or the wheel of misfortune.

Now that happy hour is legal, Dave is thrilled that he can implement his original plan.

And he's bought a new wheel. It's very fancy.

Behold, the Wheel of Happyness:

Dave created some specials and the wheel is ready to go. Come in and check it out sometime!

New Sandbar Drink Specials

We like to mix things up every once in awhile, so we're introducing some new specials- and we think you'll love them.

Dave wanted to emphasize even more the drinks the Sandbar is known for- the Shark Attack and the Dirty Banana shot. So, join us on Wednesday nights for the "best of the Sandbar" and enjoy $3 Shark Attacks and $1 Dirty Bananas. It's almost better than being at the beach!

Can beer has been making a comeback, so Sunday nights are Can Night now. Stop in for $2 cans before the work week starts again. We'll have a random selection of cans for you- right now it's Bud Light, Miller Light, Corona and Tecate- but it'll change depending on what Dave decides to stock.

The rest of the nights are pretty much the same:

Sandbar specials large

One other thing- we're dropping Buzztime trivia sometime in the next month, so if you're a trivia addict, get in and play it now.

New Lawrence Special: Beachtini Night!

Have you heard our new radio ad running on 105.9 the Lazer? The Sandbar in Lawrence is excited to announce our new Wednesday special: Beachtini Night!

Beachtini large

Join us on Wednesdays and experience Dave's latest concoctions. He's
been experimenting with infused liquor, and he's especially fond of
candy. Our new Beachtinis feature candy-infused spirits, and they've
gotten great reviews from our taste-testers so far!

All of our Beachtinis are $6 and available every day, but all day every Wednesday they're half price- just $3 for a beach themed candy cocktail! And of course they come with a special trinket.

This new special starts on Wednesday, April 21. Stop in and let us know what you think of our Beachtinis!