Live music lineup for this year’s block party

Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs

More block party news!

We have a familiar lineup for this year’s two-night block party. Everyone loved the bands last year, so why change it?

Friday, August 12:
Perennial favorite party band Sellout! will headline Friday’s show, around 9:30, after local favorites Heavy Petty open up around 7 p.m.

Saturday, August 13:
Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs are back for the Saturday night set. Kim and the Quake will open the show around 5 p.m., followed by Thunderkat around 7 p.m.

And don’t forget about the VIP kickoff party on Friday night, with live music from the Crumpletons inside Sandbar Subs from 5-7 p.m. Tickets for the VIP party are now available at Sandbar and Sandbar Subs. More info is available here.

Announcement: VIP Block Party Kickoff

Block Party VIP Kickoff 2016

Big news, friends!

We’re holding a VIP kickoff party before this year’s block party extravaganza begins!

The VIP party takes place on Friday, August 12, from 5-7 p.m. inside Sandbar Subs, across the street from the Sandbar. The Crumpletons will provide live music at the party, and complimentary refreshments will be available from 5-7 p.m. Your VIP party ticket also includes wristbands for admission to the beer garden for both the Friday and Saturday night block parties—the wristbands alone are a $10 value.

Tickets are now available at the Sandbar for $15 each. The price goes up to $20 each on August 1, and a limited number of tickets is available.

What are you waiting for?! We hope to see YOU at our VIP party!

Let’s go to the races!

Sandbar Subs hermit crab races

Family Night is back! Our friends across the street at Sandbar Subs hosted several fun events last year for families, and they’re back this summer with more creative and fun ideas.

This week, join us for hermit crab races at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 7. Sandbar Subs installed a “crabitat” several weeks ago that is home to a number of hermit crabs. Kids are fascinated with them. On Thursday, they’ll host crab races with the in-house crabs, or you can bring your own hermit crabs.

Dave’s little boy is especially excited for this event! Two new hermit crabs recently joined the family—they were a birthday gift for mama from Peach and her grandkids. Stop by on Thursday to see how Jojo and the second crab (yet to be named) stack up to the competition.

RSVP on Facebook for the races, and you can also watch a cute video by some of Peach’s grandkids to learn more about hermit crabs.
Hermit crab

Sandbar and Sandbar Subs salute the Jayhawks

The Madness of March is in full swing, and we’re excited to see how far the Jayhawks go in the Big 12 Championship this week and the NCAA Tournament starting next week.

To publicly show our affection for our beloved team, we gathered some of our staff members, along with some of the crew from Sandbar Subs across the street, and filmed a little commercial, now airing on local Channel 6.

You all know we don’t mind getting a little cheesy now and then (okay, most of the time). We had a good time on a Friday afternoon, and believe it or not, we only had to do a couple takes to get a good video.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

Scuba Club meeting this week

Yep, you read that right: scuba club!

It might seem like an odd group for the middle of the country, after all, we don’t exactly have a deep sea nearby. But if you’re a fan of scuba diving, whether you’re an experienced diver or merely interested in the ocean, join us for a new adventure.

The Sandbar Sub Shop has teamed up with Dave from Scuba Shack to start the Lawrence Scuba Club. An informational meeting will be held this Friday, Oct 17, at noon at the downtown Sandbar Subs—with a free lunch!

Some of the topics we’ll talk about: the basics of scuba, how to get certified and organizing some group diving trips.

Put this on your calendar and join us on Friday! And we expect some pictures of Sandbar shirts in beautiful, exotic places once you learn to dive…

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