Meet our Valentine’s Day Glass Designer, Alison

Sandbar friend Alison created our fantastic pint glass design for Valentine's Day. We asked her a few questions about her Sandbar experiences through the years. You can find Alison online in a variety of places: at her personal blog, her professional design site and on Twitter.

What's your favorite jukebox song? Everytime I go to Sandbar, my friends always overload the jukebox with Disney and Grease soundtracks. So I'm going to say "You're the One That I Want" has to be a favorite, since it's inevitably played every time I'm there, but there's few things I love more than hearing "Sweet Caroline" or "Friends in Low Places" getting belted out by everyone in the bar.

Sandbar1 Tell us about the first time you came to the Sandbar. I'm not sure I actually remember the first time I went to the Sandbar, as it was shortly after my 21st birthday (to be fair, that whole year is pretty blurry). But I do remember one of the first times we ever went we played upstairs in the sand most of the night. The cutouts are so funny, they should start making more apperances downstairs! I also remember scouring the fish tanks and giving names to our favorites, and obviously doing the car wash after dirty banana shots.

Favorite drink? I can usually only do one or two tropical drinks before hitting a sugar high, but I always have to have at least one shark attack every time I go. Also, dirty banana shots are the greatest shots known to man.

What's the longest you've waited in line? The only time I remember having to stand in line for a really long time was the first time I brought my mom and her friend. They had never 'partied' in Lawrence with me before, and I knew they would have a total blast at The Sandbar. We thankfully only had to wait about 30 minutes or so, and it was well worth it.

Sandbar2…which leads to my funniest memory of The Sandbar. I had promised my mother a legendary hurricane, and once again, it did not disappoint. I think the best time I ever had at The Sandbar was doing a hurricane and singing "Car Wash" with my mom standing on the benches, Bahama Mamas in hand. We laughed so hard, she had the best time.

Favorite memories at The Sandbar? My favorite memories of The Sandbar HAVE to be the birthday parties. My friends and I have been for the past two years, and they are legendary! We took about a gazillion pictures in the photobooth, they're still hanging up in all of our apartments. And last year we got a picture with Coach Self! It's also a lot of fun with the live bands and shutting down the whole block, it's like Sandbar just takes over all of downtown for one night a year! 

Favorite drink trinket? I think my favorite drink toys are the Shark Attack sharks, I have more than my fair share of them. I really want to figure out a way to display them properly. Brenna suggested making lights out of them by stringing them on a strand of christmas lights, I think that would be so much fun!

Sandbar3 Jukebox song you never want to hear again? Again, with all of the sing-a-long jams my friends pick EVERY TIME we're at the bar, there's more than a handful I'd be fine with never hearing again. Abba's "Dancing Queen" and "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King are definitely at the top of the list. (Editor's note: Aren't those a couple of Brenna's favorites?!)

Where can you be found when you're not at The Sandbar? When I'm not dressing up as a mermaid for the 11th time (seriously, Erin and I have a contest going to see who can be a mermaid more times than the other. Is there a Guiness World's Record entry for that yet?), I am a Graphic Designer for the Lawrence Journal-World. In my free time I enjoy traveling as much as possible, cheering on the Jayhawks to assured victory (while biting my nails and yelling at the TV), and fighting the effects of my late nights at Sandbar with pilates, soccer, dodgeball, and kickball.

Vote for a Video!

Hey friends! Well, the video entries are in, and it’s time to vote for your favorite! We got one last minute entry, and since we’re nice, we accepted it. There’s a total of nine videos- watch them all and choose the one you like best.

Send it to your friends! The winner will get a year’s worth of free sandwiches from the newly opened Sandbar Sub Shop (inside Zarco66 on East 23rd Street), and their video clip will be featured in our next hurricane video.

You’ve got a week to vote- the poll closes next Monday. Good luck to all the entrants!

Bartender Nic in the News

Our Man on the Street Pat may have finally lost his throne. Bartender Nic appeared on the LJW's "On the Street" section yesterday. Apparently he was cornered while pumping gas. 

If you haven't met Nic, come by on a Monday night. He's behind the bar from 5-9 on Margarita Monday.

The question:

"When you and your partner travel, who does the driving?"

Nic's answer (which may or may not get him in trouble with said partner):

“I do, all the time. She doesn’t like to drive. I don’t want
her driving.”

My question:

Does he not want her driving because she's a poor driver? Or because he's worried for her safety? Or is it because she doesn't like to drive, so he wants to make her happy?

I don't have an answer to that question. Ask him if you see him.

St. Patrick’s Day- On The Way!

One thing that excites us every time a new year rolls around is the fact that St. Patrick's Day– our favorite holiday!- is near. March 17 may not seem near to you, but trust me, this part of the year flies by for us.

The decision-makers met for lunch yesterday and this year's float theme was unveiled. Of course it's still a secret, so don't expect me to spill the beans here, but it's a good one. Of course.

This year's theme was inspired during a random impromptu pool party last summer. We've got the float, the music, and even the costumes nearly figured out. And honestly, we can't believe we've never come up with this one before.

What do you think our best float ever was? A few years ago we asked this question, and the readers chose the Love Shack float from 2003.

Here's another poll, with some more recent float selections. Vote for your favorite, and if it's not one of the choices leave us a comment!  If you can't remember some of them, check out our St. Patrick's Day archives for stories and pictures.

What’s The Best Gift You Gave This Year?

Lots of people talk about the gifts they got for Christmas (or whichever holiday they celebrate this time of year), but you don't hear very many people talking about the gifts they gave to someone else.

I posed the question on The Sandbar's Twitter page last week:

What's the best gift you are giving someone this year?

I got lots of responses from people and they were fun to read! Here are some of them:

  • The Big Buck Hunter game for a boyfriend
  • Homemade banana bread that is now requested every year (can we get some of that?!)
  • A new guitar for a brother
  • Batman Arkham Asylum for a boyfriend
  • A drum set for a 4 year old nephew (uncle is now banished from the family!)
  • The book "For Jayhawk Fans Only" for parents
  • Basketball tickets
  • Sweet shoes
  • My time and patience (might be the hardest of all for some of us!)
  • A Nebraska Cornhuskers snuggie for a stepmom

What about you? Add your favorite gift in the comment section. It doesn't have to be expensive or creative or particularly spectacular…just the one thing you gave someone that was perfect.


For the last five days, we've been asking the question "what are you grateful for?," and many of you have answered.

Thanksgiving is just a day away, so here's a list of the things our friends are grateful for this year. Some are silly, some are serious, but all of them are important.

  • I'm thankful for my boyfriend's mother who loves to cook, so I don't have to on Thanksgiving Day!
  • As a woman I'm thankful for living in America & having the right & opportunity to be equal & succeed!
  • I'm grateful for the multiple Tuesday evenings I spent at The Sandbar
    drinking $1.50 Sapphires on the rocks and having singalongs with people
    I didn't know. And trying to feed the fish popcorn through the glass.
    Ahhh $1.50 anything Tuesday….so choice.
  • I'm thankful for my husband, daughter, and especially for the fact that I still have a job in this economy!
  • To have Sherron and Cole back.
  • I'm thankful that it's the small things in life that make me the happiest.
  • I'm thankful for you, Sandbar, and your fruity cocktails!
  • Lawrence, KS during basketball season!!!!
  • Your delicious cranberry and vodka that I had last Friday from you guys!
  • I am grateful to have survived the last year stronger & happier
    than I could have thought possible. Sometimes the worst events of your
    life can end up being the biggest blessings. I am lucky to have such
    incredible friends (new & old) in my life. The Sandbar has
    certainly served as the back drop to many of this years "moments."
    Thanks Sandbar!
  • I'm grateful for the Sandbar – that is when I get a chance to go there!
  • I'm grateful for the "shark attack".

There you have it- this year's gratitude list from Sandbar fans.

As we're driving to visit family for the holiday, we'll be putting together a list of things about our staff that we're grateful for this year.

And one last thing: if you're sticking around Lawrence this year for Thanksgiving, stop by. Coleen will open the bar around 7:30.