Our Man on the Street Pat may have finally lost his throne. Bartender Nic appeared on the LJW's "On the Street" section yesterday. Apparently he was cornered while pumping gas. 

If you haven't met Nic, come by on a Monday night. He's behind the bar from 5-9 on Margarita Monday.

The question:

"When you and your partner travel, who does the driving?"

Nic's answer (which may or may not get him in trouble with said partner):

“I do, all the time. She doesn’t like to drive. I don’t want
her driving.”

My question:

Does he not want her driving because she's a poor driver? Or because he's worried for her safety? Or is it because she doesn't like to drive, so he wants to make her happy?

I don't have an answer to that question. Ask him if you see him.