Sandbar weddings, part two: Tyler and Kristen

Now that 2012 is over and I'm way behind in sharing stories from last year…let's feature the second Sandbar wedding of the year: Tyler and Kristen.

The happy couple met at the Sandbar through mutual friends back in early 2009 and became friends. They started dating in November of that year, and the rest is history!

They got engaged, planned a wedding and tied the knot last October.

And it was one heck of a wedding! The Sandbar guests migrated to the bar between the wedding and the reception, and eventually the wedding party made their way there too. Everyone partied the night away at the reception at Abe & Jake's, and the happy couple finally got to take a honeymoon in December.



The Sandbar crew sat in the little Pub at Abe & Jake's, all by ourselves. Kind of like sitting at the kids' table at Thanksgiving. It's better that way.

Congratulations, Tyler and Kristen! Another love match made at the Sandbar…

Sandbar weddings: Pat and Andrea

2012 was the year of Sandbar weddings. Not one, not two, but THREE of our former bartenders got married last year.

First up, our man on the street Pat and Andrea.

Here's what Pandrea, as they are affectionately known to their friends, had to say about their romance:

Being locals and having several mutual friends, we knew of each other
for a while before actually formally meeting each other at the Sandbar (editor's note: another match made in Sandbar heaven!).

Andrea had been going to the Sandbar for years and we all know timing is
everything…so, when the time was right I finally got smart and asked
her out. On our first date in August 2011 at the Casbah, we found out
that we both loved Key West, which just made us like each other that
much more!

And we planned a trip to go there for her birthday, which
we did last February. I popped the question in May on our favorite bench
on Mass St, after a dinner out downtown, and we got married on Sept.
15 at Wells Overlook.

The wedding party was made up of Sandbar regulars like Dave and bartender/art director Justin. We honeymooned in San Juan
& Culebra, Puerto Rico, which coincidentally also has its own
Sandbar. (Click here to see a picture of it. Pandrea also sent us back a picture from their trip.)

Congratulations, Pandrea! The Sandbar crew wishes you a lifetime of love and happiness and trips to Key West.



 Photos by Frank Wiles, ownder of Revsys, Guiness drinker and resident Sandbar technical consultant.

Sandbar 2012 Graduate: Kamay

Congratulations to 2012 graduate and Sandbar friend Kamay! She answered our call for graduation profiles, so read on to learn a little bit more about one of our customers.

Favorite Song: Anything by Journey

How long have you waited? Never, I always come early! (smart girl!)

Favorite Drink: Bahama Mama

Favorite Drink Toy: The rubber duckies, I think I have every single one there is! Mostly in part because I would trade my double ducks with other people’s ducks at the bar. Bartering got interesting especially after a few drinks!

Funniest moment at the bar: When Danny and Dave re-enacted the famous water scene from Dirty Dancing. They were behind the bar and Danny ran into Dave’s arms and Dave lifted him up.

Favorite Memory at the Sandbar: Hanging out every Tuesday night after kickboxing class with Michelle, Danny and Dave.

Kamay has one last fun tidbit about the Sandbar: 

And that is where my boyfriend of three years and I met for our first blind date with John as our bartender/ door man!

It's true what they say, you can find love at the Sandbar.

Congratulations on your graduation, Kamay!

Kam melissa sandbar Kam michelle glasses

Kamay michelle sb

Congratulations Mike and Anne!

Sandbar friends Mike and Anne tied the knot on Saturday night, and we think it's about time!

Their wedding and reception was held at the lovely Stony Point Hall outside of Baldwin City. It was an outdoor wedding, and yes, it was cold. But it was beautiful and even funny, with references to Friends (the TV show) and The Wedding Singer movie during the ceremony.

The most surprising part? After the officiant- a friend of the family- introduced the couple as husband and wife and they started down the aisle, the Lawrence Bar Band started playing!

You don't get many opportunities to see the Bar Band outside of the bar, and this was pretty cool. They played KU tunes while the wedding party and guests headed back inside, and then they put on another show once everyone was back inside.

Here's a short video:

The happy couple hired Sandbar-tenders Blair and Andrew to man the bar all night, and they did a fine job. Even if they were dressed in white button-down shirts and ties instead of their typical T-shirts. Ask Andrew about the kids' table. 

Congratulations, Mike and Anne! Your friends at the Sandbar wish you many years of happiness and tropical drinks!

It’s a Royal Wedding to Us

This is really old news, but we'll use the excuse that everyone was tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding, so we waited to post this on purpose.

You might have read this story in the Lawrence Journal-World already, or perhaps you missed it, but a local couple got married on April 29, the same day as Prince William and Princess Catherine.

We're much more interested in the local wedding story.

According to the article, the couple met at the Sandbar! Ashley and Glenn met at our place five years ago, and then three years ago we were part of their love story again when Glenn slipped her engagement ring into a pint glass at the bar.

We love Sandbar love stories! Ashley and Glenn, if you see this we'd love to hear more about the night you met and the night you got engaged. Congratulations!

And if anyone else out there met their love at the Sandbar, brought your wedding party here, or some other equally fun story, we want to hear about it. You can email us at sandbar (at) thesandbar (dot) com.

Wedding Party at the Sandbar

A few Fridays ago, we had a couple of unique things happen.

First of all, Peach made a rare appearance at the bar. If you're an old-school regular, you might remember the days and nights when Peach and Ted frequented the bar, staffed the door and even served drinks from time to time. More recent patrons may not even know Peach. She's pretty busy running the Crystal Plaza theater and the Sandbar Sub Shop in Ottawa, along with opening new franchises of the Sub Shop here in town.

The other unique event that Friday was a wedding party! I don't have all the details, but a couple who met at the Sandbar got married and stopped in to the bar that day in full wedding attire.

Peach took a picture on her phone of the bride and her bridesmaids dancing on a bench:


Bride, if you're reading this, we'd LOVE to hear your Sandbar love story! Contact us at

We love it when wedding parties stop by!