Sandbar friends Mike and Anne tied the knot on Saturday night, and we think it's about time!

Their wedding and reception was held at the lovely Stony Point Hall outside of Baldwin City. It was an outdoor wedding, and yes, it was cold. But it was beautiful and even funny, with references to Friends (the TV show) and The Wedding Singer movie during the ceremony.

The most surprising part? After the officiant- a friend of the family- introduced the couple as husband and wife and they started down the aisle, the Lawrence Bar Band started playing!

You don't get many opportunities to see the Bar Band outside of the bar, and this was pretty cool. They played KU tunes while the wedding party and guests headed back inside, and then they put on another show once everyone was back inside.

Here's a short video:

The happy couple hired Sandbar-tenders Blair and Andrew to man the bar all night, and they did a fine job. Even if they were dressed in white button-down shirts and ties instead of their typical T-shirts. Ask Andrew about the kids' table. 

Congratulations, Mike and Anne! Your friends at the Sandbar wish you many years of happiness and tropical drinks!