Sandbar Drink Trinkets Make Great Wedding Party Favors

Last month, my brother got married. He has two kids and his new wife has two kids, and we knew there would be lots of kids at the wedding.

Dave, even though he doesn't have kids of his own (yet!), is always thinking of ways to entertain the little people at events like this, so he packed up a bag full of every tropical drink trinket we had in stock.

He had shutter shades, goofy glasses, mustaches, finger lights, sharks and beads. After the reception really started rocking and the kids were getting restless, he brought out the goody bag.

Instantly the kids swarmed. They wanted ten of everything, of course, but Dave set limits and made sure everybody got something.

Here's a few pictures of a sight you might not see often: little kids with Sandbar toys.

IMG_3239_0029 IMG_3231_0021

IMG_3247_0037 IMG_3249_0039

So, next time you have a pile of Sandbar toys after a night on the town (or a purse full of sharks), don't throw them away. Throw them in a closet, and next time you have to go to a wedding, family reunion or other kid-friendly event, take the toys. Just picture a bunch of seven year olds running around with mustaches.

You'll be the hit of the party, guaranteed.

It’s a Royal Wedding to Us

This is really old news, but we'll use the excuse that everyone was tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding, so we waited to post this on purpose.

You might have read this story in the Lawrence Journal-World already, or perhaps you missed it, but a local couple got married on April 29, the same day as Prince William and Princess Catherine.

We're much more interested in the local wedding story.

According to the article, the couple met at the Sandbar! Ashley and Glenn met at our place five years ago, and then three years ago we were part of their love story again when Glenn slipped her engagement ring into a pint glass at the bar.

We love Sandbar love stories! Ashley and Glenn, if you see this we'd love to hear more about the night you met and the night you got engaged. Congratulations!

And if anyone else out there met their love at the Sandbar, brought your wedding party here, or some other equally fun story, we want to hear about it. You can email us at sandbar (at) thesandbar (dot) com.

Wedding Party at the Sandbar

A few Fridays ago, we had a couple of unique things happen.

First of all, Peach made a rare appearance at the bar. If you're an old-school regular, you might remember the days and nights when Peach and Ted frequented the bar, staffed the door and even served drinks from time to time. More recent patrons may not even know Peach. She's pretty busy running the Crystal Plaza theater and the Sandbar Sub Shop in Ottawa, along with opening new franchises of the Sub Shop here in town.

The other unique event that Friday was a wedding party! I don't have all the details, but a couple who met at the Sandbar got married and stopped in to the bar that day in full wedding attire.

Peach took a picture on her phone of the bride and her bridesmaids dancing on a bench:


Bride, if you're reading this, we'd LOVE to hear your Sandbar love story! Contact us at

We love it when wedding parties stop by!

Sandbar Wedding: Joe Factor and Teresa!

Saturday was a big day for the Sandbar family. Two weddings in a day- former bartenders Austin and Josie, and recent bartender Joe and Teresa.

Joe and Teresa got married in the Arts Incubator event loft in the Crossroads District of Kansas City. Holy cow, this place was gorgeous! The loft had old wood floors, exposed brick walls and glass windows all around the room that showed off a fantastic view of the Kansas City skyline. The thunderstorm and all its lightning only added to the beautiful night view.


The ceremony was short and sweet and very Joe and Teresa. And then they were married!

We ate, drank and danced. Tyler and his buddy Joe served as bartenders for the evening. There were toasts- some were funny, some were serious and some brought tears to the eye. And then they brought out Teresa's uncle dressed as a Cuban Elvis, and he sang some Elvis tunes while he read the lyrics from his phone. We've never seen anything quite like it!

There was almost a food fight. (Don't tell Teresa.) Dave convinced Andrew's girlfriend Jamie to shove a cupcake in Andrew's face, which led to Andrew conspiring to do the same to Dave- only filmed on camera this time. Andrew managed to waste a bunch of delicious cupcake frosting by smearing it on Dave's face, but unfortunately the camera girl failed to record it in time. 

Frequent Sandbar regular from several years ago Devo caught the bouquet. She's in Chicago now doing stand-up comedy. 

We managed to gather the Sandbar crew together for a group picture, and several random people kept trying to squeeze into the shot. We must have been a really cool group or something.


We danced and laughed and partied until after midnight, and then like true Sandbar staffers, we stuck around and helped put away the tables and chairs.

It was a fantastic evening and the wedding was beautiful. We highly recommend checking out the Arts Incubator if you're looking for a unique wedding or party venue in Kansas City.


And congratulations to Joe and Teresa on their marriage! They're in Emporia now, where Teresa practices law and Joe does…we don't really know. We miss them at the Sandbar!


Sandbar Wedding: Josie & Austin!

This has been the season for Sandbar family weddings! Bartender Heather and Ken, former bartender John and Natalie, former regulars Ashley and Tyson, and we're not done yet!

Josie and Austin- who both spent time on both sides of our bar- are tying the knot on Saturday. They didn't meet at the Sandbar but they've spent many hours together here. Austin worked here before Josie, and then when a shift opened up he recommended her to Dave and she spent about a year here.

Josie's favorite Sandbar memory is of Austin dancing on the bar to "Car Wash." She says it's the cutest thing in the world, because he doesn't love to dance but always get into that song. Austin said he couldn't top that memory. And he'd probably rather I not share it with you.

I borrowed this picture from Josie's Facebook page. Aren't they cute?


Got any great wedding advice for these two? Or, better yet, do you have fun memories of their bartending days? Share it with us in the comments, and we'll make sure they see it! 

Big congratulations to Josie and Austin from all your friends at the Sandbar!