A Dedicated Shark Attack Fan Celebrates Shark Week

Last week during Shark Week, we noticed several tweets on our Twitter page from a customer named Sarah. She was very enthusiastic about Shark Week and spent a lot of time at the Sandbar, and she also posted some great pictures, so we asked her to write a guest blog.

20110811_sarahmurphy_0002 My name is Sarah and I am a 2011 KU graduate from Atchison, KS. I absolutely love the Sandbar and have been visiting quite frequently since my 21st birthday. My first drink from the Sandbar was a Shark Attack. After my first shark, I fell in love with them! 

I decided to make it my goal to get 100 sharks from the Sandbar before I graduated. 100 sharks in 2 years? I could do it. After about 15 sharks, I realized that I needed to do something with my sharks. I now hang them on the wall next to my bed- my favorite decoration in my room. In this picture, I have about 40-some sharks. Every time I had a friend come visit from out of town, I always made them visit the Sandbar and buy them a Shark Attack.  

20110811_sarahmurphy_0005 (now that's a dedicated Shark Attack fan!)

Soon after my 21st birthday, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel was getting ready to start and I knew I had to do something for it. Although I was busy with summer school, I managed to make it to Sandbar for a night to celebrate Shark Week. 

This year I decided to take it to the next level- T-shirts! My roommates and I made shirts and gave ourselves nicknames. I chose the name of my favorite shark, Bruce, from Finding Nemo. My roomates and I went almost every night of Shark Week to get Shark Attacks and to watch Shark Week (we don't have cable.) This year I added about 10 sharks to my collection. I'll have to put my Shark Week shirt away until next year, but hopefully we can do something more for next year.

20110805_sarahmurphy_0001 20110805_sarahmurphy_0002

The Sandbar has always been my favorite bar and feels like home. I've spent my last two birthday there and plan on spending many more at Sandbar. I love the Sandbar and I love the Shark Attacks! I may not have met my goal, but I will continue to collect my sharks.

Thanks for contributing to our blog, Sarah! For her effort, we gave her a gift: a Sandbar Shark Fest 2011 T-shirt. Appropriate, no?

Shark Week Photo Contest

We love sharks, so naturally Shark Week is a lot of fun for us. Although, as others have said, "every week is Shark Week if you do it right," and we think we're doing it right.

We recently unveiled a brand-new photo cutout with a shark on it, so we thought we'd have a little contest.

Here's the deal:

  • Take your picture with our shark cutout
  • Tweet it to us (@thesandbar) or email it to us (sandbar@thesandbar.com)
  • Next Sunday, we'll pick a random winner to get a Sandbar T-shirt

You can upload your picture to our Facebook page if you want- and we'd love for you to!- but entries that are only uploaded to Facebook won't count in the contest. Facebook has funky rules about contests and instead of trying to figure out their (very complex) rules, we're using methods that are easier for us. So, if you put it on our Facebook page, make sure you also email it to us.

So, tweet or email us a picture of your pretty face in our shark cutout, and you could win a T-shirt! In fact, we've already got one entry, and she didn't even know we were having a contest when she posted her picture. Thanks Barbara, and good luck!

*By submitting your picture to us, you give us permission to post it on our website, blog or other social media sites. If you don't want your picture on the internet, don't send it to us.

New Shark-Themed Photo Opportunity

We're really excited for Shark Week and our upcoming 22nd birthday block party that we've dubbed "Shark Fest 2011." So excited, in fact, that we created a brand-new photo opportunity for you!

20110725_sharkcutout_0004 20110725_sharkcutout_0001

Between art director Justin and managing partner Dave, they managed to put this thing together. And it looks awesome.

We'll have it out sometime this weekend to start Shark Week off with a bang. And of course it will be out for our block party on August 13!

Shark Week Starts July 31

Shark Week is back! We might just celebrate all month with our own version of "Shark Fest 2011."

The popular week of Discovery Channel programming starts up again on Sunday, July 31. We've got some fun things planned for Shark Week this year.

  • Our TV's will be tuned to Shark Week all week so you won't miss any of the exciting programs, like Rogue Sharks, Jaws Comes Home and Summer of the Shark.
  • We want to see your best pictures! Snap a photo with your toy shark or a Shark Attack drink and send it to us! You can email it to sandbar@thesandbar.com, tweet it to us @thesandbar or upload it to our Facebook page.
  • We're working on a design for a new T-shirt and pint glass to celebrate sharks!
  • Shark Attacks are on special three days of the week: $2 on Tuesday, $3 on Wednesday and $2.50 on Thursday. They're normally $4.50.
  • And, we've got a great new photo opportunity to reveal next week! Dave and Sandbar art director Justin have worked on a really cool idea, and we'll post a picture of it soon.

Leave us a comment and let us know your great ideas for Shark Week! We're looking forward to this week of celebrating one of our favorite sea creatures.

KZOO+Shark Attack Cupcakes

Did you know last week was Shark Week on the KU campus?

KZOO, a student group new to campus this year, proclaimed last week as Shark Week. All week long, they offered up shark facts on their Facebook page, like this one:

Female sharks are capable of parthenogenesis, which is the ability to give birth without even touching a male. Amazing!

Shark Week culminated with baby sharks in the Kansas Union named Marcus and Sharkieff and shark attack cupcakes.

You might remember another reference to shark attack cupcakes. Our friend Brenna, a journalist and baker, created the recipe after our popular Shark Attack drink, and she shared some of the tasty treats with us last fall.

(Read Brenna's account of the shark attack cupcakes here.)

KZOO asked Brenna to bake up some more shark attack cupcakes for them, and they sold them in the Union as a fundraiser.

Of course, we had to have one.