Last week during Shark Week, we noticed several tweets on our Twitter page from a customer named Sarah. She was very enthusiastic about Shark Week and spent a lot of time at the Sandbar, and she also posted some great pictures, so we asked her to write a guest blog.

20110811_sarahmurphy_0002 My name is Sarah and I am a 2011 KU graduate from Atchison, KS. I absolutely love the Sandbar and have been visiting quite frequently since my 21st birthday. My first drink from the Sandbar was a Shark Attack. After my first shark, I fell in love with them! 

I decided to make it my goal to get 100 sharks from the Sandbar before I graduated. 100 sharks in 2 years? I could do it. After about 15 sharks, I realized that I needed to do something with my sharks. I now hang them on the wall next to my bed- my favorite decoration in my room. In this picture, I have about 40-some sharks. Every time I had a friend come visit from out of town, I always made them visit the Sandbar and buy them a Shark Attack.  

20110811_sarahmurphy_0005 (now that's a dedicated Shark Attack fan!)

Soon after my 21st birthday, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel was getting ready to start and I knew I had to do something for it. Although I was busy with summer school, I managed to make it to Sandbar for a night to celebrate Shark Week. 

This year I decided to take it to the next level- T-shirts! My roommates and I made shirts and gave ourselves nicknames. I chose the name of my favorite shark, Bruce, from Finding Nemo. My roomates and I went almost every night of Shark Week to get Shark Attacks and to watch Shark Week (we don't have cable.) This year I added about 10 sharks to my collection. I'll have to put my Shark Week shirt away until next year, but hopefully we can do something more for next year.

20110805_sarahmurphy_0001 20110805_sarahmurphy_0002

The Sandbar has always been my favorite bar and feels like home. I've spent my last two birthday there and plan on spending many more at Sandbar. I love the Sandbar and I love the Shark Attacks! I may not have met my goal, but I will continue to collect my sharks.

Thanks for contributing to our blog, Sarah! For her effort, we gave her a gift: a Sandbar Shark Fest 2011 T-shirt. Appropriate, no?