New Sandbar Holiday Pint Glasses

We've got new pint glasses for the holidays! This design is on one side of the glass and our logo's on the other side:

Picture 4

This design idea was submitted by Chris way back in August. Way to plan ahead, Chris, we need to do more of that!

We loved it, of course. Pints are available for $3 each, and they make great gifts for the Sandbar fan in your life! You can also bring your pint glass in on Thursdays for $2.50 tropical drinks.

Twelve Days of Sandbar Christmas, 2011 Version

It's time for our third annual "Twelve Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts" post!

Each day, we offer you a new suggestion for a tropical-themed holiday gift. Come back each day for a new idea, or look back at our gifts for 2010 and 2009.

Day 1: Tropical Christmas Tree Shirt

We've all seen the silly Christmas-themed shirts and sweaters. You might even have one in your closet (and your mom definitely does). But we bet you don't have a shirt with a Christmas palm tree on it.

Day 2: Vintage Hula Girl Lamp

This one is cool: a vintage hula girl lamp, complete with actual hula dancing! This lamp was featured in the Adam Sandler movie 50 First Dates. A unique gift for the hula lover on your list! There's even a holiday sale in case you need to buy two of them.

Day 3: Drillblender

Because everybody needs a portable blender, and this one is fun: the Boatblender drill bit attaches to your cordless drill, so you can blend the perfect drink wherever you go! Assuming you carry your cordless drill with you, that is.

Day 4: Tropical Tiki Planters

For the gardener in your life, may we suggest these tropical tiki planters! Two different sizes are available, and you can plant tropical plants in them and pretend you're in the islands.

Day 5: Parrot Bottle Opener

We know you like to drink, so a bottle opener is a must-have for any home bar. Why not have a little fun with your bottle opener and choose this parrot-themed one?

Day 6: Goldfish Ice Bucket

If you're looking for a slightly classier, more upscale gift, check out this goldfish mini ice bucket. It would look great at your pool party or even an indoor beach-themed party. You don't even have to use it for ice; you could put anything in it.

Day 7: Beach Bum Santa Blanket

Cold? Check out this blanket that depicts tropical Santa lounging on the beach instead of delivering presents in the snow.

Day 8: Homemade Beach Theme Christmas Wreaths

I don't think you can actually buy these, but they're pretty cool: homemade wreaths with a beach theme! There's an anchor-shaped wreath, seashell wreaths and wreaths with mermaids. Very fun for the DIY-er!

Day 9: Pirate Santa Christmas Ornament

Love pirates? We do. And we love this blown glass Pirate Santa Christmas tree ornament!

Day 10: Shark Oven Mitt

If someone on your gift list likes to cook, how about this shark oven mitt? It's perfect for the kitchen! It's designed to look like the shark is eating your arm.

Day 11: Mermaid Divas

If you've got someone on your list who loves mermaids, check out these mermaid diva dolls. There are several different varieties and they're very fancy!

Day 12: Air Swimmers

This just might be one of the coolest gifts we've found this year: remote-controlled flying clownfish and sharks. Someone at the Sandbar *might* be getting one for Christmas this year…

Men Behind the Bar, Part Two

Some of the pictures from Dave's infamous Christmas gift made an appearance yesterday. Today, after a few more of the boys granted permission for their pictures to be posted here, I bring you a few more.


January: Joe, looking sharp with all his classy accessories, including the Rolex.


May: Danny, looking all hot and sweaty on a trail run.


August: Fyler. This might be the month where the calendar started to go downhill.


November: Frank. Everyone utters a collective "Whoa, Frank!" when they flip to this page.  He's our resident tech expert/website host/Guinness drinker.

There's obviously a few more pictures in the calendar. And they're certainly not more outrageous than these, but the boys haven't given permission for them to be posted online. If they do, I'll post them.

So, we're thinking of doing something like this every year now. Danny suggested a fundraising calendar. What do you think? Would you buy one? Would you prefer that the ladies be included? Let us know!

Merry Christmas from The Sandbar!

We love Elf Yourself so much we had to do it again- especially when we saw the new surfing elves video they added this year! It's perfect for the Sandbar!

We hope you're all enjoying the holiday season and spending time with your loved ones. But when you get tired of them, or if you're tired of hanging around the house, remember that we'll be open at 8 p.m. Christmas night. Bring your family out, or come out and meet your friends!