Some of the pictures from Dave's infamous Christmas gift made an appearance yesterday. Today, after a few more of the boys granted permission for their pictures to be posted here, I bring you a few more.


January: Joe, looking sharp with all his classy accessories, including the Rolex.


May: Danny, looking all hot and sweaty on a trail run.


August: Fyler. This might be the month where the calendar started to go downhill.


November: Frank. Everyone utters a collective "Whoa, Frank!" when they flip to this page.  He's our resident tech expert/website host/Guinness drinker.

There's obviously a few more pictures in the calendar. And they're certainly not more outrageous than these, but the boys haven't given permission for them to be posted online. If they do, I'll post them.

So, we're thinking of doing something like this every year now. Danny suggested a fundraising calendar. What do you think? Would you buy one? Would you prefer that the ladies be included? Let us know!