How Popular Are Shark Attacks?

The Shark Attack has been our most popular tropical drink since we first started serving them back in 2003. They've always come with a small blue or gray toy shark full of cherry juice, and either the customer or the bartender tips it into the drink to make a "shark attack."

For the past year or so, our toy shark supplier has had trouble keeping the sharks in stock. We try to always keep a backup box of sharks stored upstairs, but sometimes you people just drink so many Shark Attacks, we can't keep up!

Last week, the supplier was out of sharks and we were worried about getting through Homecoming weekend.

So, how popular are those drinks? Dave estimates he sold a couple hundred Shark Attacks this weekend. And we ended Saturday night with exactly two sharks left in the building.

Fortunately, more are on the way, so you Shark Attack addicts can keep enjoying them.

Purses Full of Sharks

Dave had an interesting story when he came home from his late-night shift on Friday night.

A group of girls came up to the bar and informed him that between them, they had so many sharks from the Shark Attack drink that they felt bad. They thought they needed to return the sharks to us.

Next thing he knew, all four girls started pulling sharks out of their purses and piling them on the bar. He said the sharks just kept coming and coming out of their purses. There were a few ducks mixed in the pile, too.


He took a picture of the girls with their sharks, and we'll print it out and hang it somewhere on the wall.

Thanks Alicia, Shannon, Liz and Lindsay. We'll find a good home for your recycled sharks!

How many drink toys do you have, and where do they live? We'd love to see your pictures! Submit them to

Pretty Picture of the Shark Attack Cupcakes

A few days ago I wrote about the fabulous Shark Attack cupcakes our friend Brenna baked. The post was accompanied by a rather terrible photo I took of a cupcake. That picture absolutely did not do the cupcakes justice.

Brenna graciously provided us with a much better picture of her creation. In fact, it looks like a professional cupcake portrait from a cookbook. My first thought was to take down my awful picture and replace it with this one. Then I thought it might be funnier to leave it up and add this one so you can compare. And laugh at my photo-taking non-skills.

THIS is what the cupcakes really looked like:


Complete with an actual Sandbar shark. Makes you want to eat one, doesn't it?

Brenna’s Shark Attack Cupcakes

Our famous Shark Attack drink has inspired a love of all things shark-related at The Sandbar. We were thrilled when one of our favorite customers, Brenna, told us she was going to make shark attack cupcakes.

The picture doesn't do the cupcake justice, because I'm not a good photographer, but use your imagination:


This weekend, she brought by the finished product. And man, were they good! You might wonder how if a baked good can actually taste like a tropical drink; the answer is yes. Somehow she managed to add blue curacao liqueur to the cupcake recipe, grenadine to the frosting, and make it taste exactly like what you'd imagine a shark attack cupcake to taste like.

The cupcakes even had little plastic toy shark picks stuck in the frosting and ocean blue paper cups. They were very fancy.

Big thanks to Brenna for the delicious treats!

You can read more about Brenna's baking adventures on her blog.

New Sandbar Drink Specials

We like to mix things up every once in awhile, so we're introducing some new specials- and we think you'll love them.

Dave wanted to emphasize even more the drinks the Sandbar is known for- the Shark Attack and the Dirty Banana shot. So, join us on Wednesday nights for the "best of the Sandbar" and enjoy $3 Shark Attacks and $1 Dirty Bananas. It's almost better than being at the beach!

Can beer has been making a comeback, so Sunday nights are Can Night now. Stop in for $2 cans before the work week starts again. We'll have a random selection of cans for you- right now it's Bud Light, Miller Light, Corona and Tecate- but it'll change depending on what Dave decides to stock.

The rest of the nights are pretty much the same:

Sandbar specials large

One other thing- we're dropping Buzztime trivia sometime in the next month, so if you're a trivia addict, get in and play it now.