Sandbar Shirt in Mexico

Awhile ago, we wrote about bartender Tyler and his wife Kristen's wedding last October.

Of course the newlyweds took Sandbar shirts along on their honeymoon! We would have had to fire Tyler if he'd forgotten a shirt picture for us. Luckily, he has his wife to take care of those things for him.


Here they are, on their honeymoon at El Dorado Royale in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
Why does everyone ELSE get to go to all the fun, warm, tropical places?! Take us along next time, people!

Sandbar Shirt in Jamaica

We have a few photos of Sandbar shirts in Jamaica, but we love all things tropical, so we don't mind!

Here's another shirt picture that magically appeared on our wall one day.


We especially love Negril. That's where Dave and I jumped off a giant cliff into the ocean. (And I'll never do it again.)

Sandbar Shirt in Maine

I don't think we've had a Sandbar shirt picture from Maine before!

The other day at the bar, I noticed some new shirt pictures had been posted on the bulletin board by customers in spaces that were left when other customers stole the pictures that were there before. (Seriously, who steals random pictures of people from the wall of a bar?!)

Paul left this photo, labeled as Bar Harbor, Maine:

bar harbor maine

Sorry for the bad picture-of-a-picture. Shout out to Pandrea, who apparently are in the photo below this one and should thank me for not cropping their name out.

Where has your Sandbar shirt been? Send us a picture! You can email it to, tweet it to us @thesandbar, post it on our Facebook page or just stick it on the bulletin board next time you're in, and hopefully I'll see it within the next six months.

Sandbar shirt in Key West

Key West is a popular destination among Sandbar fans. Many of our friends have been there, and often they'll take a photo and bring it back to us.

There might actually be a warrant for Dave's arrest in Key West…but it's not his fault. Back when former bartender Chris (current bartender John's brother) got married during a Caribbean cruise, the boat stopped in Key West. A bunch of us rented scooters, but Dave's the one who filled out the rental agreement. Some members of the group got parking tickets, and we aren't sure if they all got paid.

Anyway, we love Key West. And we would like to go back there, but until that happens, we'll have to live vicariously through people like Frank and Emily, who vacationed there awhile back:


Thanks, Frank and Emily!

Where has your Sandbar shirt been? Send us a picture at

Sandbar Shirt in Grand Cayman

Here's a Sandbar shirt picture from Grand Cayman, at a place that sounds like somewhere we should go: Rum Point. This picture was submitted by Sandbar friend Nikki, who says she can't wait to get back to Lawrence.


Thanks, Nikki! We'll look for you in the half marathon next year!