Sandbar Shirt in NYC

This Sandbar shirt picture comes to us from Pete, who has taken lots of great photos of our block parties in the past. This is at the Intrepid Museum in midtown Manhattan, in New York City.


Thanks, Pete!

Sandbar Shirt in the… trash?

Remember John the bartender, of Jake-and-John Australian adventures fame?

He's long gone from the Sandbar, having moved away to Houston with his college sweetheart Natalie, who he married almost two years ago.

Recently, Natalie shared this with us:

I must confess, I was packing our closet up as we get ready to move and made a pile of John's clothes that *might* be ready to go to t-shirt heaven. His frayed and paint-splashed Sandbar tee ("I was PAINTING the sandbar!") might've been in the mix… because seriously, in its current state, it's probably not street legal. When he saw it in the purgatory pile, you would've thought he was ready to divorce me. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!?!? GET THAT OUT OF THERE! …. Whoops. Guess I won't be making wardrobe suggestions anymore!

Sandbar shirts are important wardrobe pieces! And often, they are sentimental souvenirs of a previous life.

I was amused with the picture of the shirt Natalie sent, mostly because the shirt isn't in nearly as bad of shape as I expected.

Photo 1
See those little paint spots on the front? Heck, Dave wears shirts worse than this to work sometimes!

However…we can certainly appreciate the idea that someone has too many T-shirts for their closet. Coming soon, a little contest called "how many Sandbar shirts does Dave have." Kind of like guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar.

Sandbar Shirt at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Recently we got a picture of Sandbar friend Kevin wearing his Sandbar shirt at the original site of Woodstock (the music festival, for you youngsters). We proclaimed on Facebook that it was the coolest Sandbar shirt picture we'd received yet.

But this next one is pretty cool.

Our favorite man on the street, Pat, recently got engaged to his lovely girlfriend Andrea. They took a trip to Ohio, and while they were there they took some pictures in Sandbar shirts.

20120708_mushrush_cleveland_rockandroll 20120708_mushrush_cleveland_rockandroll2


These pictures are from the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We're pretty sure the Sandar has never been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone before!

If you've worn your Sandbar shirt somewhere neat (can you top this place?!), send us a picture. Email it to us at, upload it to our Facebook page, or tweet it to us. We'll post it here and hang it on our wall!

Sandbar Shirt at Woodstock

Here's a cool spot for a Sandbar shirt picture:


Sandbar friend Kevin posted this on our Facebook page. He's 45 years too late for Woodstock, but what a unique place to pose with one of our shirts!

Thanks, Kevin!

Where has your Sandbar shirt been? Email a picture to us at, post it on our Facebook page or tweet it to us @thesandbar.

Sandbar Shirt in Cinque Terre

Another Sandbar shirt in a brand new place!

Sandbar fan Allyson is working in Rome as an au pair. She took a three day trip to Cinque Terre, a region with five small fishing village in northern Italy that are connected by hiking trails.


Allyson said she saw about five other Jayhawks on her trip! Rock Chalk!

If you've worn your Sandbar shirt someplace fun, let us know. We'll put it online and on our wall of fame!