I don't think we've had a Sandbar shirt picture from Maine before!

The other day at the bar, I noticed some new shirt pictures had been posted on the bulletin board by customers in spaces that were left when other customers stole the pictures that were there before. (Seriously, who steals random pictures of people from the wall of a bar?!)

Paul left this photo, labeled as Bar Harbor, Maine:

bar harbor maine

Sorry for the bad picture-of-a-picture. Shout out to Pandrea, who apparently are in the photo below this one and should thank me for not cropping their name out.

Where has your Sandbar shirt been? Send us a picture! You can email it to sandbar@thesandbar.com, tweet it to us @thesandbar, post it on our Facebook page or just stick it on the bulletin board next time you're in, and hopefully I'll see it within the next six months.