Did you know last week was Shark Week on the KU campus?

KZOO, a student group new to campus this year, proclaimed last week as Shark Week. All week long, they offered up shark facts on their Facebook page, like this one:

Female sharks are capable of parthenogenesis, which is the ability to give birth without even touching a male. Amazing!

Shark Week culminated with baby sharks in the Kansas Union named Marcus and Sharkieff and shark attack cupcakes.

You might remember another reference to shark attack cupcakes. Our friend Brenna, a journalist and baker, created the recipe after our popular Shark Attack drink, and she shared some of the tasty treats with us last fall.

(Read Brenna's account of the shark attack cupcakes here.)

KZOO asked Brenna to bake up some more shark attack cupcakes for them, and they sold them in the Union as a fundraiser.

Of course, we had to have one.