Last month, my brother got married. He has two kids and his new wife has two kids, and we knew there would be lots of kids at the wedding.

Dave, even though he doesn't have kids of his own (yet!), is always thinking of ways to entertain the little people at events like this, so he packed up a bag full of every tropical drink trinket we had in stock.

He had shutter shades, goofy glasses, mustaches, finger lights, sharks and beads. After the reception really started rocking and the kids were getting restless, he brought out the goody bag.

Instantly the kids swarmed. They wanted ten of everything, of course, but Dave set limits and made sure everybody got something.

Here's a few pictures of a sight you might not see often: little kids with Sandbar toys.

IMG_3239_0029 IMG_3231_0021

IMG_3247_0037 IMG_3249_0039

So, next time you have a pile of Sandbar toys after a night on the town (or a purse full of sharks), don't throw them away. Throw them in a closet, and next time you have to go to a wedding, family reunion or other kid-friendly event, take the toys. Just picture a bunch of seven year olds running around with mustaches.

You'll be the hit of the party, guaranteed.