What Are You Grateful For?

Thanksgiving is upon us, so I thought this would be a good time to stop and think about what we're grateful for this year.

Something we are really grateful for is our wonderful staff. This is the longest period of time we've gone with no turnover that I can remember. Hayley mentioned last night that she is the "newest" member of the staff, and she's been working here for over a year. They all say they won't leave unless they move away or they're dragged kicking and screaming out the door.

And of course, we're grateful for all of our customers and friends. Many of you have been loyal to us for many years, and we appreciate it!

What are you grateful for?

Leave a comment and tell us. Be silly or serious. Maybe it's something personal, or something big. We'll compile all the responses and post a list next week to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Results of our Picture Poll

Last week, we asked a question: where do you want to see our pictures online? Currently we're putting them on Flickr so that anyone can see them without signing up for something; but if our fans would rather see them on Facebook (or both), we want to accommodate.

The poll closed on Saturday, and the masses have spoken. All 24 of them. We appreciate those who took the time to vote, and we especially appreciate that none of you chose the "Nowhere, I don't care" option.

It looks like you'd rather see our pictures on our Facebook page, and a lot of you think we should put them on both Flickr AND Facebook. 

So, that's what we'll do. From now on when we add new pictures, we'll put them on both sites. As we have time, we'll go back and add the pictures already on Flickr to Facebook, too. 

Thanks for voting, and we'll do another poll soon! If you have a question to suggest, leave it in the comments.

Flickr or Facebook?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to share our favorite Sandbar pictures.

We have a Sandbar Flickr photostream, and we also created a Sandbar Flickr group that you can join and add your own Sandbar pictures to.  The photostream is available for anyone to see, but you have to be a Flickr member AND a group member in order to see the pictures in the group.

The reason I set up the Flickr photostream and group was because I wanted a place to share pictures without requiring you to register or sign in to another site.

However, is it inconvenient? Does anyone use Flickr, or visit our page?

I’ve thought about adding pictures to the Sandbar Facebook page– either instead of or in addition to Flickr. But I know that not everyone is on Facebook (yes, it’s true- my mom’s not!) so I don’t want to restrict the non-Facebookers from seeing our pictures.

So, I’m asking you. Here’s a poll. Pick an answer.

(Isn’t this poll cool?!?) Feel free to share with your friends. Poll closes on Saturday, October 10.

Your Favorite Jukebox Song Is…

A little over a week ago, I posted a new random question over on the right side of the page. This time I wanted to know what your favorite jukebox song is.

There could have easily been a hundred options to pick from, but for lack of space and time, I picked a few songs that seem to be played over and over, every night. 

I also gave you the choice of "something else." I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised that this option didn't have more than half of the votes! That tells me I did a decent job of picking the popular songs.

Now, for the votes:

  • "Something Else" won, with 44.7% of the votes
  • Sweet Caroline had 23.7% of the votes
  • Car Wash, 15.8%
  • Don't Stop Believin', 10.5%
  • Sweet Home Alabama and Jessie's Girl both had 2.6% of the votes

I was glad that so many of you left comments (on here, Facebook, and Twitter) about your other favorite songs!

  • Son of a Preacher Man
  • ABBA
  • Disney songs
  • Like a Prayer
  • Brown Eyed Girl

And my all-time favorite sing-along song, David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Called Me By My Name."

Any suggestions for the next poll question? Leave a comment with your idea.

What’s Your Favorite Jukebox Song?

I got a lot of response from the last poll I put on here, asking you to vote for your favorite Bahama Mama toys, so I thought I'd do another one. 

We have a lot of music on our jukebox. It hasn't changed a lot over the years, but several years ago we managed to add some more music to it without removing any by condensing multiple CD's into one. And, we frequently get compliments on the music mix that we provide- it's a good rotation of oldies, sing-along-songs, beach music, and some dance tunes thrown in for fun.

Some songs get played more than others. Others don't get played at all. Some get played so many times in one night that Dave threatens to remove them from the jukebox (he wouldn't really). What's the song that you need to hear every time you visit?

I picked a few of the songs that seem to get played more frequently; check out the poll on the right side of the page to cast your vote. If you don't like any of my choices, vote for "Something Else."

If you pick "Something Else," though, please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite jukebox song is!

Your Favorite Bahama Mama Toy Is…

Rubber Duckies!

With 28.6% of the vote in our online poll, these were clearly your favorite. No real surprise to anyone I'm sure- from the first day we floated these cute little characters in your Bahama Mama, you loved them.

IMG_2045_0164Originally, our supplier carried only the basic yellow tub toy, with or without a keychain attached. Slowly, they started adding more characters, like luau and cowboy and doctor themed duckies. Apparently the toys were popular with more people than just our customers, because the selection of characters is incredible these days.

Now when we order duckies, we just order the jumbo-mega-sized assortment so we can get the most variety possible. I suspect there are more than a few collectors out there.

As for the rest of the toys…the bendy characters were a close second with 25% of the vote. Flip flop key chains took 17.9% and the putty-eye characters and beads tied with 14.3% each.

Goofy glasses? Not a single vote. That's kind of sad. But given the number of pictures I've seen of people wearing them, I know some of you still like them.

We just got in a new supply of rubber duckies, bendy flamingos, and flip flop key chains. Stop in for a drink and add to your toy collection!