Rubber Duckies!

With 28.6% of the vote in our online poll, these were clearly your favorite. No real surprise to anyone I'm sure- from the first day we floated these cute little characters in your Bahama Mama, you loved them.

IMG_2045_0164Originally, our supplier carried only the basic yellow tub toy, with or without a keychain attached. Slowly, they started adding more characters, like luau and cowboy and doctor themed duckies. Apparently the toys were popular with more people than just our customers, because the selection of characters is incredible these days.

Now when we order duckies, we just order the jumbo-mega-sized assortment so we can get the most variety possible. I suspect there are more than a few collectors out there.

As for the rest of the toys…the bendy characters were a close second with 25% of the vote. Flip flop key chains took 17.9% and the putty-eye characters and beads tied with 14.3% each.

Goofy glasses? Not a single vote. That's kind of sad. But given the number of pictures I've seen of people wearing them, I know some of you still like them.

We just got in a new supply of rubber duckies, bendy flamingos, and flip flop key chains. Stop in for a drink and add to your toy collection!