I’m trying to figure out the best way to share our favorite Sandbar pictures.

We have a Sandbar Flickr photostream, and we also created a Sandbar Flickr group that you can join and add your own Sandbar pictures to.  The photostream is available for anyone to see, but you have to be a Flickr member AND a group member in order to see the pictures in the group.

The reason I set up the Flickr photostream and group was because I wanted a place to share pictures without requiring you to register or sign in to another site.

However, is it inconvenient? Does anyone use Flickr, or visit our page?

I’ve thought about adding pictures to the Sandbar Facebook page– either instead of or in addition to Flickr. But I know that not everyone is on Facebook (yes, it’s true- my mom’s not!) so I don’t want to restrict the non-Facebookers from seeing our pictures.

So, I’m asking you. Here’s a poll. Pick an answer.

(Isn’t this poll cool?!?) Feel free to share with your friends. Poll closes on Saturday, October 10.