Last week, we asked a question: where do you want to see our pictures online? Currently we're putting them on Flickr so that anyone can see them without signing up for something; but if our fans would rather see them on Facebook (or both), we want to accommodate.

The poll closed on Saturday, and the masses have spoken. All 24 of them. We appreciate those who took the time to vote, and we especially appreciate that none of you chose the "Nowhere, I don't care" option.

It looks like you'd rather see our pictures on our Facebook page, and a lot of you think we should put them on both Flickr AND Facebook. 

So, that's what we'll do. From now on when we add new pictures, we'll put them on both sites. As we have time, we'll go back and add the pictures already on Flickr to Facebook, too. 

Thanks for voting, and we'll do another poll soon! If you have a question to suggest, leave it in the comments.