Lots of people talk about the gifts they got for Christmas (or whichever holiday they celebrate this time of year), but you don't hear very many people talking about the gifts they gave to someone else.

I posed the question on The Sandbar's Twitter page last week:

What's the best gift you are giving someone this year?

I got lots of responses from people and they were fun to read! Here are some of them:

  • The Big Buck Hunter game for a boyfriend
  • Homemade banana bread that is now requested every year (can we get some of that?!)
  • A new guitar for a brother
  • Batman Arkham Asylum for a boyfriend
  • A drum set for a 4 year old nephew (uncle is now banished from the family!)
  • The book "For Jayhawk Fans Only" for parents
  • Basketball tickets
  • Sweet shoes
  • My time and patience (might be the hardest of all for some of us!)
  • A Nebraska Cornhuskers snuggie for a stepmom

What about you? Add your favorite gift in the comment section. It doesn't have to be expensive or creative or particularly spectacular…just the one thing you gave someone that was perfect.