Another Halloween has come and gone! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, because we love to dress up in costumes.

Friday night was our annual Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus extravaganza, and there were plenty of costumes that night. Saturday night was the big Halloween party, even though the actual holiday was still two days away. We saw lots of great costumes again on Saturday!


Dave takes his costumes very seriously and loves to come up with new and creative ideas. He's definitely not one to buy a pre-packaged costume off the shelf- he'd rather put his own costume together with finds from places like the Antique Mall, Fun & Games and the costume closet in his basement. (Yes, there is a costume closet in his basement.)

20111029_halloween_0009This year, he was Scot Pollard, former KU and NBA basketball player. He grew out his facial hair, attached
a ponytail and painted his fingernails black. The only flaw in his costume was the number on his jersey, but otherwise he made a pretty good Pollard. And that's the real Scot in the photo above with Dave- another awesome costume.

Bartender Blair also decided to dress up as a real person- Friday bartender Phil. He might look like Santa on a tropical vacation, or even White Owl, but he's supposed to be Phil, albeit more of a hippy Phil than real Phil. Blair opted not to trim the wig and beard.

Some of the other costumes we saw on Saturday: bartender Heather as Elvira (and doorguy Nathan is such a youngster he didn't even know who Elvira was); Pocahontas; Mario & Luigi; various superheroes; Ace Ventura; a mermaid; and a cupcake.

Monday night rolled around and gave us a third night of Halloween costumes, and it was a busy night. Thanks to everyone who still felt like partying after a busy holiday weekend!