Our second Halloween 2011 pint glass was designed by Chelsea, a KU student.

Here's her design:

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 6.06.10 PM

20111006_chelseatheno_pintglassHere are some fun facts about Chelsea:

Favorite Sandbar drink. Shark Attack, for sure. Delicious and the shark toy gets me in touch with my inner child.

Favorite Sandbar memory. This is hard to narrow down. Probably the pub crawl I went on this past spring where I alternated between dancing my heart out, eating popcorn and drinking shark attacks.

Funniest moment at Sandbar. Any time fake mustaches are involved because people do some weird stuff  under the disguise of fake facial hair.

How long have you waited in line. It's never been a long time but probably 15 minutes when the Lawrence Bar Band was playing.

Favorite jukebox song. I can't narrow this down. Every song that comes on makes me sing or dance. Or both.

Thanks for the great design and for being a good customer, Chelsea!