More Shark Week fun!

We asked our most dedicated fans (that means those of you who signed up for our email list) to send us pictures of their Sandbar sharks. We love seeing all the creative places our friends keep their toys!

Here's a couple of the pictures we've received:

Sharktoilet Sharkclips

Former bartender John is now married and living in Houston, and he also happens to still have a Sandbar shark in his possession. He snapped a picture of his shark perched on the edge of their guest bathroom toilet. What a surprise for their overnight guests!

Sandbar fan and 2011 KU graduate Kristina found a unique and practical use for her Sandbar shark: keeper of the paper clips on the desk at her office.

You can send us your pictures- email them to us (, tweet them to us (@thesandbar) or upload them to our Facebook page.