One of our loyal Twitter followers, Katie, asked last week if she could make us a shot book for our 21st birthday.

For those of you who are older (like some of us) and don't work in a bar where you regularly see shot books, it's basically a book of 21 shots. According to Urban Dictionary, the book can include details like who bought it, where and when. And of course, the girls often decorate their pages with stickers and doodles to make them cute.

We asked Katie to make a list of 21 fun shots in honor of our 21st birthday.

As Dave said, "The Sandbar doesn't want to puke all over everybody. The Sandbar drinks responsibly." We never encourage people to drink 21 shots or drinks; in fact, we actively discourage this behavior. But if you're looking for some new shots to try, here's a great list. Thanks Katie!

Shot book 2