Have you picked up your 2012 commemorative new year's pint glass yet? They're only $3, and they're super cute!

This pint glass was designed by Sandbar friend Jesse. Here are some of the things Jesse had to say about the Sandbar:

What's your favorite tropical drink? Shark Attack

What's your favorite jukebox song? Jessie's Girl (of course!)

Longest you've waited in line at the bar? Never

Funniest or favorite memory at the bar? On my 21st birthday, an old man licked the long blue plastic nose that came with my friend Deede's drink. Things got really awkward really fast.

Here's a few pictures Jesse sent us:


Thanks for the great pint glass design, Jesse! If you're interested in designing a pint glass for us, pay attention to our blog. We'll announce the next design we're looking for soon.