The Mayans were wrong, we're all still here and looking forward to 2013! Join the Sandbar on Monday night to ring in the new year, luau-style.

That's right, we're getting back to our tropical roots and throwing a beach-themed bash. One of my favorite new year's eve parties at the Sandbar was the luau of 1996 (was it really that long ago?!):


That's Dave sitting on the bar. And if you're wondering what everyone's holding in this picture, well, they're bananas. One of the bright ideas Dave had that year was to have a banana bite-off contest. The contestants lined up on the bar, and each person bit off as much of their banana as they could. The person who bit off the most won a T-shirt.

Congratulations again to Gina, in the maroon sweater, for her accomplishment.

Anyway. We'll have snacks and tropical decorations, along with our wide array of tropical drinks. Back in 1997, we pretty much only had Bahama Mamas. Our selection has expanded a lot since those days.

The cover charge is just $5. And of course, we'll have a champagne toast at midnight.

So for those of you who want to kick back and relax on New Year's Eve and avoid fancy attire, we're your place. Or dress up if you want to.

Maybe Dave will bring back the banana contest or the limbo, you never know.