Earlier this summer, I heard about a new bar/club called the Shark Bar that was going to open at the Kansas City Power & Light District. Naturally, any place with "shark" in the name piques our interest here at The Sandbar.

One night in July, the manager (I think) of the soon-to-be opening Shark Bar visited The Sandbar. He left plastic cups with the bar's logo along with some of his business cards, and on the back of the cards he graciously gifted us with no waiting in line/no cover. Dave said this guy had started coming to The Sandbar quite a bit, which only added to our curiosity about the Shark Bar.

Well, the place opened on 8/8/08. We haven't been there yet, but the Kansas City Star's publication, Ink, provided a peek inside.  

A few things seem to be Sandbar-ish, like the bikini-top-clad servers (apparently, a long time ago, the female bartenders at The Sandbar used to wear bikinis and dance on the bar) and the drinks. Other than that, though, it's definitely a lot more "club" than "dive." 

We're anxious to check it out, though, to see how palm trees and beach themed decor mix with black lights and dance floors.