On Our Way to Check Out More Sandbars

Well, actually, Dave and I are traveling south tomorrow for the Final Four and to watch the Jayhawks take on North Carolina.

However, we learned a long time ago that whenever we travel somewhere, we should first check to see if there are Sandbars wherever we plan to go.

We fly to Austin tomorrow and we’re anxious to check out the bar scene there. I googled "Sandbar" in Austin and found one that might be a possibility- a map came up with a location near 8th and Colorado, but without a specific street address. It was also the only reference I could find on the internet to this place, so it may not exist any longer. We’ll definitely find out.

I had better luck with San Antonio. A search quickly located the Sandbar Fish House and Market, which doesn’t seem to have it’s own website but I did find a few reviews of the place. The best part is that it appears to be located four minutes from our hotel. Definitely a photo-op and possibly a meal there.

In our internet search for entertainment in Austin, we did find a couple places that looked promising for fun times (and potential drink and decor ideas), even if they aren’t named Sandbar.

More on our travels later. Meanwhile, if you’re stuck in Lawrence for the big game and you don’t want to get in line at a sports bar at dawn the day before, consider The Sandbar. We have brand new big screen TV’s and the best bartenders in town.

Classic Sandbar Tees in Key West

Sandbar friend and blog commenter Pat and his dog Marley recently took a trip to Key West. He sent us a couple of pictures of them both sporting classic Sandbar tee’s while hanging out on the beach. He also text-messaged all of us back here in Kansas- it was snowing that day- to tell us that he was hanging out at Schooner Wharf bar and we could watch him on the webcam.

Remember these shirts? I finally had to retire them from Dave’s closet before they fell apart.


We’ll add these pictures to our wall of Sandbar tees around the world. If you have any of your own to share, send them to us and you could be famous too.

Sandbar Shot at Dolphin Stadium

Here’s a picture for the bulletin board at The Sandbar- Sandbar shirts at Dolphin Stadium for the Orange Bowl! Don’t let the t-shirts fool you- it was cold that night. The boys only had their jackets and sweatshirts off for this photo.


Don’t forget to take your Sandbar shirt with you next time you travel, you could be featured on our wall too.

The Sandbar Goes to the Orange Bowl and Doesn’t Return

Well, the Sandbar was well represented at the Orange Bowl, with Dave
and I chaperoning doorboy Andrew and his roommate Matt. Bartender
Tegan was there along with former staffer Erick and many of our
regulars. A great time was had by all, especially since KU won!!

Not so great, however, is that the four of us missed our connecting
flight home to KC, thanks to the hour long delay in Miami (which was
also the length of our layover in Denver), a most unhelpful American
Airlines staff (and one particularly snotty flight attendant), and an
inter-terminal tram that chose just the right moment to malfunction.

Dave was lucky enough to be the first one off the plane so he sprinted
for the block of Frontier gates, because oh yes, we also had to change
airlines and re-check in at the gate. Of course there are 50 some
Frontier gates and we didn’t know which one to go to (see the
previously mentioned unhelpful people).

We didn’t make it. There were at least 20 other folks on our flight
who were connecting to KC, and we ran like crazy people, only to find
the plane pulling away from the gate.

Of course it was the last flight to KC. Frontier rebooked us on the
6:30 am tomorrow. And what did American do for us? Not much. They
offered a hotel, but we didn’t want to hassle with it. They also gave
us meal vouchers for a generous $10 each. And we all know how airport
food prices are.

So I sit here, in the Denver airport at gate A30, painstakingly
tapping this out on my iPhone, because I have nothing else to do but
try to sleep on either a filthy hard floor, or contorted into an
equally uncomfortable chair.

Here’s a picture for you.

Sandbar Sighting 5

My former boss would be mortified to know that I published this picture on the internet, but since I don’t think she’s a reader of this blog, she’ll probably never know it’s out here.

Several years ago when she went to Florida with her family, she found this Sandbar on the beach. Now this is a true Sandbar after our own heart. It can’t get much better than this!


Sandbar Sighting (sort of) 4

This isn’t exactly a Sandbar…but it’s close enough and is pretty cool.

Matt and Pat took off for Costa Rica several years ago and found this place, the Sand Rock Bar. Pat says they were drinking premixed rum and cokes from a can, can you imagine that? If you ever get down south to Costa Rica, look up this place. Their yellow sign kind of reminds me of the one we have hanging by the door- yellow plastic with "Sandbar" in red letters- that was borrowed from a place in Florida years ago.