Well, the Sandbar was well represented at the Orange Bowl, with Dave
and I chaperoning doorboy Andrew and his roommate Matt. Bartender
Tegan was there along with former staffer Erick and many of our
regulars. A great time was had by all, especially since KU won!!

Not so great, however, is that the four of us missed our connecting
flight home to KC, thanks to the hour long delay in Miami (which was
also the length of our layover in Denver), a most unhelpful American
Airlines staff (and one particularly snotty flight attendant), and an
inter-terminal tram that chose just the right moment to malfunction.

Dave was lucky enough to be the first one off the plane so he sprinted
for the block of Frontier gates, because oh yes, we also had to change
airlines and re-check in at the gate. Of course there are 50 some
Frontier gates and we didn’t know which one to go to (see the
previously mentioned unhelpful people).

We didn’t make it. There were at least 20 other folks on our flight
who were connecting to KC, and we ran like crazy people, only to find
the plane pulling away from the gate.

Of course it was the last flight to KC. Frontier rebooked us on the
6:30 am tomorrow. And what did American do for us? Not much. They
offered a hotel, but we didn’t want to hassle with it. They also gave
us meal vouchers for a generous $10 each. And we all know how airport
food prices are.

So I sit here, in the Denver airport at gate A30, painstakingly
tapping this out on my iPhone, because I have nothing else to do but
try to sleep on either a filthy hard floor, or contorted into an
equally uncomfortable chair.

Here’s a picture for you.