Well, actually, Dave and I are traveling south tomorrow for the Final Four and to watch the Jayhawks take on North Carolina.

However, we learned a long time ago that whenever we travel somewhere, we should first check to see if there are Sandbars wherever we plan to go.

We fly to Austin tomorrow and we’re anxious to check out the bar scene there. I googled "Sandbar" in Austin and found one that might be a possibility- a map came up with a location near 8th and Colorado, but without a specific street address. It was also the only reference I could find on the internet to this place, so it may not exist any longer. We’ll definitely find out.

I had better luck with San Antonio. A search quickly located the Sandbar Fish House and Market, which doesn’t seem to have it’s own website but I did find a few reviews of the place. The best part is that it appears to be located four minutes from our hotel. Definitely a photo-op and possibly a meal there.

In our internet search for entertainment in Austin, we did find a couple places that looked promising for fun times (and potential drink and decor ideas), even if they aren’t named Sandbar.

More on our travels later. Meanwhile, if you’re stuck in Lawrence for the big game and you don’t want to get in line at a sports bar at dawn the day before, consider The Sandbar. We have brand new big screen TV’s and the best bartenders in town.