Our good friends Rheva and Dave recently spent 19 days on a bus in Europe. Okay, maybe they weren't on a bus the entire time, but according to them it sure seemed like it.

Like good Sandbar patrons, they packed Sandbar shirts to wear on the trip. A funny anecdote about this- one of the other bus-trippers tried really hard to remember everyone's name, and as she wrote names of her fellow travelers in a notebook, she also wrote down something memorable about each person. Beside Rheva and Dave's names she wrote "Sandbar." I'm guessing they were the only folks on this particular tour sporting shirts from a local bar.

Anyway, once they arrived back to the much less expensive United States, Rheva and Dave sent us these photos of them at Kensington Palace and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

BuckinghamPalace1 BuckinghamPalace2

Not even Rheva could get that guard to crack a smile.  If you're planning to travel to Europe anytime soon, Dave and Rheva recommend that you take lots of money. You'll need it.