Missing Money

Last night, Dave got a phone call.

"Did you pull money out of the change bank when you were here earlier?" Joe asked.

"No," Dave responded. "Why?"

"Well, I know there was a hundred dollar bill in there. I saw it earlier. And now I can't find it anywhere."

Dave sighed and drove back to the bar to look for the missing money. Between him, John and Joe they tore the place apart. They looked under the register, between the liquor bottles and in all of the usual "hiding places" things disappear into at the bar. And believe me, things disappear. And a hundred dollars is kind of a big deal.

No luck. Finally, Dave pulls out the ones and fives from the register to count them yet again. Halfway through the bundle of five dollar bills, he found the missing hundred.

"That's nuts. I swear I counted that bundle earlier and that bill wasn't there," said John.

The ghost strikes again.

Rumbles from the Ghost

Here's a little story from our friend and customer Bailey.

My coworker and I had gotten food and brought it in- we were starving and didn't think we should start in on the Pink Flamingos on an empty stomach. We were sitting in the little corner table by the fish tank. Trivia was happening, it was more crowded than I thought it would be but I guess I'd never been there on a Thursday during trivia before.

Anyway, I could tell there was definitely a group of trivia "regulars," and there seemed to be another guy who was playing but was maybe a newbie – he wasn't really talking to anyone. I wasn't paying attention to the trivia because my friend and I were gossiping and complaining about our jobs (sometimes, you have dark days).

At one point there was some rumbling that sounded like thunder but then we realized it was coming from upstairs. The place got mostly quiet, and then it sounded like someone was running down the stairs. Someone shouted "it's the ghost" and we all chuckled.

A moment later we knew it wasn't as the ghost, as quiet trivia guy came barreling out from the stairwell running straight at the aquarium.

And then we all ended up soaked and the place was flooded because some crazy trivia guy flipped out and crashed the aquarium.

If it had happened. Which it did not.

*Recently I put a desperate call out for stories for this blog, and I thought I was going to have to start making up stories. Fortunately, I don't have to, since we have friends who will make things up for us. Rest assured, the aquarium is intact and the fish are safe. The ghost, however, is laughing at us all.

A Letter to the Ghost

I found this letter in the doorguys' notebook. We keep this notebook for staff to write about problems, incidents, or funny stuff that happens on their shift. It began as a way for Dave to know what was happening, but now it mostly provides fodder for this blog.

I should also tell you that this entry was dated 11/31/08. And it was written in purple pen. And it was unsigned.

To The Ghost:

So, I've worked here a little over a year now and the trash can has never fallen down the stairs on my time, but now it falls down the stairs about three times a week. I remember in the movie "Ghost" when Patrick Swayze meets the ghost that always is hitting and knocking crap over and then he teaches Swayze how to do it by focusing his emotion on his intended target.

What I'm trying to communicate to you, Ghost, is stop knocking the trash can down the stairs because it's getting really lame.

The trash can referenced above is used for fish tank maintenance and stored on the stairs that go to the basement. Did you know we have a basement? You can get there through the women's restroom, but I don't recommend it. It's scary.

I'm pretty sure this was written by Joe. Can anyone confirm?

Joe vs. The Ghost

Who broke the freezer?

That was the hot topic around the Sandbar office last week. (Yes, we have an office. It's not your typical office, but it works.)

The freezer in question is the small one behind the bar that Dave added somewhat recently in an effort to bring back the popular frosty beer mugs. One day, it just stopped working.

The detectives on our staff tried to determine who broke it by figuring out when it last worked and who was on shift at that particular time.

Andrew created a handy flow chart on the whiteboard:


So, what do you think? Was it the ghost? Or was it Joe? The ghost has been known to pull some crazy stuff around here….but so has Joe. It's a toss up.