Here's a little story from our friend and customer Bailey.

My coworker and I had gotten food and brought it in- we were starving and didn't think we should start in on the Pink Flamingos on an empty stomach. We were sitting in the little corner table by the fish tank. Trivia was happening, it was more crowded than I thought it would be but I guess I'd never been there on a Thursday during trivia before.

Anyway, I could tell there was definitely a group of trivia "regulars," and there seemed to be another guy who was playing but was maybe a newbie – he wasn't really talking to anyone. I wasn't paying attention to the trivia because my friend and I were gossiping and complaining about our jobs (sometimes, you have dark days).

At one point there was some rumbling that sounded like thunder but then we realized it was coming from upstairs. The place got mostly quiet, and then it sounded like someone was running down the stairs. Someone shouted "it's the ghost" and we all chuckled.

A moment later we knew it wasn't as the ghost, as quiet trivia guy came barreling out from the stairwell running straight at the aquarium.

And then we all ended up soaked and the place was flooded because some crazy trivia guy flipped out and crashed the aquarium.

If it had happened. Which it did not.

*Recently I put a desperate call out for stories for this blog, and I thought I was going to have to start making up stories. Fortunately, I don't have to, since we have friends who will make things up for us. Rest assured, the aquarium is intact and the fish are safe. The ghost, however, is laughing at us all.