Last night, Dave got a phone call.

"Did you pull money out of the change bank when you were here earlier?" Joe asked.

"No," Dave responded. "Why?"

"Well, I know there was a hundred dollar bill in there. I saw it earlier. And now I can't find it anywhere."

Dave sighed and drove back to the bar to look for the missing money. Between him, John and Joe they tore the place apart. They looked under the register, between the liquor bottles and in all of the usual "hiding places" things disappear into at the bar. And believe me, things disappear. And a hundred dollars is kind of a big deal.

No luck. Finally, Dave pulls out the ones and fives from the register to count them yet again. Halfway through the bundle of five dollar bills, he found the missing hundred.

"That's nuts. I swear I counted that bundle earlier and that bill wasn't there," said John.

The ghost strikes again.