I found this letter in the doorguys' notebook. We keep this notebook for staff to write about problems, incidents, or funny stuff that happens on their shift. It began as a way for Dave to know what was happening, but now it mostly provides fodder for this blog.

I should also tell you that this entry was dated 11/31/08. And it was written in purple pen. And it was unsigned.

To The Ghost:

So, I've worked here a little over a year now and the trash can has never fallen down the stairs on my time, but now it falls down the stairs about three times a week. I remember in the movie "Ghost" when Patrick Swayze meets the ghost that always is hitting and knocking crap over and then he teaches Swayze how to do it by focusing his emotion on his intended target.

What I'm trying to communicate to you, Ghost, is stop knocking the trash can down the stairs because it's getting really lame.

The trash can referenced above is used for fish tank maintenance and stored on the stairs that go to the basement. Did you know we have a basement? You can get there through the women's restroom, but I don't recommend it. It's scary.

I'm pretty sure this was written by Joe. Can anyone confirm?