Drink Trinkets: New Glasses are a Hit!

We've had lots of drink toys over the years, but recently it's become clear that the trinkets you love the most are the ones you can wear. Moustaches, glasses, pretty much anything you can put on and take a picture of yourself in.

Our latest tropical drink, the Jersey Shore, recently made its debut, and Dave was looking for the perfect toy to serve with the drink. He found these fabulous shades:


The gummy stars are another option with the drink. We thought the stars were funny- kind of a joke on the "stars" of the reality series.

The toys arrived on Friday and the bartenders started handing them out that night. They were immediately a hit. I've never seen so many pictures from the Sandbar show up on Twitter in one night, especially of drink toys.

And of course, on Saturday night the staff had fun with them too:

20110205_sandbar_0019 20110205_sandbar_0022

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page or our Flickr photostream.

It’s Electric! A New Tropical Drink

Dave loves making up new tropical concoctions. Once upon a time, the Sandbar only had one: the Bahama Mama. Then along came the Shark Attack, and for a short time we had Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix shipped in from new Orleans, and after we saw the demand for these fruity drinks, the recipes exploded.

20110131_jerseyshoreNow, we have eight. EIGHT! That's a lot of options for such a small place. 

We'd like to introduce the eighth addition to our lineup: the Jersey Shore. There was a little bit of controversy in naming this drink. It's blue and glows really bright in its machine, so it was originally it was called Three Mile Island. When I was at the bar this weekend and saw it for the first time, my immediate thought was "Wow! It's electric!" You know, the wedding dance song "Electric Boogie." So that's what we were going to rename the drink.

Until Blair worked Saturday night. He wanted to name it "Jersey Shore," after the inexplicably popular reality show. Of course, the trendy choice trumped mine, so you can now order up a Jersey Shore at the bar.

Ironically, I've been told that the cast of Jersey Shore frequents a club in New Jersey called the Sandbar (no idea if they really go there, but there is/was a Sandbar in Jersey), and one time on Twitter someone showed me a tweet from Snooki that talked about her love of Bahama Mamas. I'm sure ours are better.

Teeny Bikini: A Diet Tropical Drink

We're proud to announce our first diet tropical drink, the Teeny Bikini!

This drink is a mixture of fruit punch Crystal Light, Fresca and vodka. That's right girls, the only calories in this drink come from the vodka. Now you can order something besides a vodka soda and actually enjoy the flavor.

Of course, it still comes with beads and toys, and it's part of our Tropical Thursday lineup where you can get it for $2.50.

Stop by and try a Teeny Bikini!

A Manly Tropical Drink

The Sandbar is known for its fruity, frothy tropical concoctions like Bahama Mamas and Pink Flamingos. Lots of boys aren't scared to order them, but we know there are some of you out there who think they're too sweet.

Joe "the Factor" felt your pain. He decided it was time for the Sandbar to feature a more manly tropical drink, which might be an oxymoron, and he set out to find one.

He started by doing the obvious: googling "manly tropical drinks." He found one with bourbon that sounded good called the Bourmuda Triangle. Get it? Like Bermuda Triangle, but with a reference to bourbon in the title. Clever.

This particular drink called for bourbon, lemonade, pineapple and coconut juice. Joe made a few changes and mastered a mix that included triple sec and ditched the coconut juice. It's a cool refreshing drink, similar to a Lynchburg Lemonade.

The Bourmuda Triangle is featured in the drink machine behind the bar now. Even though it's a "manly" drink, it still has to come with toys. We're currently searching for a drink trinket that fits the bill. Suggestions? Leave them in the comments.

New Tropical Drinks

Our ever-changing rotation of tropical drinks has changed again.

Dave got the new drink machine working again (borrowed from The Wheel- not exactly a tropical drink mecca), and he's been experimenting with some new recipes and moving things around.


This cocktail isn't scary at all. It features Malibu and melon flavors, with a mix of sour and seven. We'll have to find some zombie drink toys to hang on your straws.

Wiki Waki Woo

This drink isn't new- it's been around here for awhile. (Read about where this drink came from.) But Dave hasn't been happy with the recipe so he tweaked it just a little. It's a bunch of secret fruit juices and vodka. 

Pink Flamingo

Not a new drink, but it's bounced around a few homes behind the bar lately. When the drink machine broke, Dave and Pat hooked up another tap next to the Shark Attacks, and the Pink Flamingo moved in. Now that the machine works again, though, Dave decided the Pink Flamingo looks prettiest in the machine, so it moved back to it's original spot…making way for the…


We love hurricanes! But you knew that already. We've never offered hurricane drinks on a regular basis, but that might change. Hurricanes have now moved into the second tap location, right next to the Shark Attacks. Any bar that gives out beads with drinks needs to have hurricanes on the menu.

And of course, we still have the Bahama Mama and Shark Attack– those aren't going anywhere!

Stop by and try a new tropical drink!