Our ever-changing rotation of tropical drinks has changed again.

Dave got the new drink machine working again (borrowed from The Wheel- not exactly a tropical drink mecca), and he's been experimenting with some new recipes and moving things around.


This cocktail isn't scary at all. It features Malibu and melon flavors, with a mix of sour and seven. We'll have to find some zombie drink toys to hang on your straws.

Wiki Waki Woo

This drink isn't new- it's been around here for awhile. (Read about where this drink came from.) But Dave hasn't been happy with the recipe so he tweaked it just a little. It's a bunch of secret fruit juices and vodka. 

Pink Flamingo

Not a new drink, but it's bounced around a few homes behind the bar lately. When the drink machine broke, Dave and Pat hooked up another tap next to the Shark Attacks, and the Pink Flamingo moved in. Now that the machine works again, though, Dave decided the Pink Flamingo looks prettiest in the machine, so it moved back to it's original spot…making way for the…


We love hurricanes! But you knew that already. We've never offered hurricane drinks on a regular basis, but that might change. Hurricanes have now moved into the second tap location, right next to the Shark Attacks. Any bar that gives out beads with drinks needs to have hurricanes on the menu.

And of course, we still have the Bahama Mama and Shark Attack– those aren't going anywhere!

Stop by and try a new tropical drink!