The Sandbar is known for its fruity, frothy tropical concoctions like Bahama Mamas and Pink Flamingos. Lots of boys aren't scared to order them, but we know there are some of you out there who think they're too sweet.

Joe "the Factor" felt your pain. He decided it was time for the Sandbar to feature a more manly tropical drink, which might be an oxymoron, and he set out to find one.

He started by doing the obvious: googling "manly tropical drinks." He found one with bourbon that sounded good called the Bourmuda Triangle. Get it? Like Bermuda Triangle, but with a reference to bourbon in the title. Clever.

This particular drink called for bourbon, lemonade, pineapple and coconut juice. Joe made a few changes and mastered a mix that included triple sec and ditched the coconut juice. It's a cool refreshing drink, similar to a Lynchburg Lemonade.

The Bourmuda Triangle is featured in the drink machine behind the bar now. Even though it's a "manly" drink, it still has to come with toys. We're currently searching for a drink trinket that fits the bill. Suggestions? Leave them in the comments.