We've had lots of drink toys over the years, but recently it's become clear that the trinkets you love the most are the ones you can wear. Moustaches, glasses, pretty much anything you can put on and take a picture of yourself in.

Our latest tropical drink, the Jersey Shore, recently made its debut, and Dave was looking for the perfect toy to serve with the drink. He found these fabulous shades:


The gummy stars are another option with the drink. We thought the stars were funny- kind of a joke on the "stars" of the reality series.

The toys arrived on Friday and the bartenders started handing them out that night. They were immediately a hit. I've never seen so many pictures from the Sandbar show up on Twitter in one night, especially of drink toys.

And of course, on Saturday night the staff had fun with them too:

20110205_sandbar_0019 20110205_sandbar_0022

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page or our Flickr photostream.